Danny Michel - The Graduation Present lyrics

With a smart ass glare you sink in your chair
And announce you've decided to cut off your hair
The casting director shuts down the projector
And throws up his arms in the air

Now you watch for your que that you once again miss
And deliver the most unconvincable kiss
The leading role curses, mumbles his verses
And say's I can't work like this

And there's no way out
I just can't win
And I feel like Wallace Hartley
When the water came rushing in

And you step to the mic, swallow your cool
And spit out some words like a gun-wielding fool
Drunk with the power, in florescent shower
Of yellow and green and blue

Now you sharpen your teeth, stick where you stand
And you bite off the fingers of my helping hand
Now I know you're lying so don't bother trying
To bury your head in the sand


And all the kings horses and all the kings men
Couldn't put you back together again
Did the ink stain your skin? The paper's don't lie
To crawl in a corner, to curl up and die