Danny Brown - Blunt After Blunt lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1]
, Kush gotta nigga feeling awesome
, I ate that bitch pussy until she squirted like a...
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Danny Brown - Blunt After Blunt (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: Kush gotta nigga feeling awesome
ZH: 兴都库什得黑鬼感觉真棒

EN: I ate that bitch pussy until she squirted like a dolphin
ZH: 我吃了那个婊子的阴部,直到她像海豚一样喷

EN: Told her bend over hit that shit doggy
ZH: 告诉她弯击中了那屎狗

EN: Called her a cab and then told her call me
ZH: 她叫了出租车,然后告诉她的电话我

EN: It's Danny Brown bitch so tell me what u need
ZH: 它的丹尼 · 布朗婊子那么告诉我你需要什么

EN: I got some adderall and fire ass weed
ZH: 我有一些镇静剂和火的屁股大麻

EN: They try to tell me that get high
ZH: 他们试图告诉我拿高

EN: Thats a lie if so bitch I would have been died
ZH: 那就是说谎如果是这样我早就死的婊子

EN: But the flow OD
ZH: 但流 OD

EN: Don't get cochesed
ZH: 别 cochesed

EN: Capiche? Fuck wit me
ZH: 忘掉吗?他妈的机智我

EN: Fuck around be deceased
ZH: 他妈的大约在已故

EN: Rest in peace wack niggas with your oversized clothes
ZH: 在和平怪人黑鬼与超大衣服休息

EN: That complain about my jeans cause I'm taking all they hoes
ZH: 那抱怨我的牛仔裤因为我要带所有他们锄头

EN: Hold up wait a minute
ZH: 坚持等待一分钟

EN: Ya pussy ain't shit till it had some Danny in it
ZH: 你个娘狗屁不是直到它在它里面有一些丹尼

EN: I'm gone off a xany nodding off watching menace
ZH: 我离开打瞌睡看威胁 xany 关闭

EN: Smoking on some purple that my nigga call Grimmace
ZH: 吸烟对我黑鬼叫 Grimmace 一些紫色

EN: Bitch I ain't finish
ZH: 我没完成的婊子

EN: These bars was test tubed in the lab with foreign chemist
ZH: 这些酒吧是管法与外国化学家实验室中的测试

EN: Rollin testers on it but statistics got slumped
ZH: 罗林测试人员对它,但统计数字有下滑

EN: I'm smoking blunt after blunt
ZH: 我抽后钝钝器

EN: [Hook x4]
ZH: [钩 x 4]

EN: And I smoke
ZH: 我抽

EN: Blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt
ZH: 钝后钝钝后后钝钝后后钝器

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: Until my brain feels 10 pounds heavier
ZH: 直到我的大脑感觉重 10 磅

EN: You fell off like Tom Selleck in a Celica
ZH: 你掉了像 Celica 刘德华

EN: Ya bitch a give me brains for the hell of it
ZH: 混蛋给我大脑的地狱

EN: But to her its heaven if she even gets a smell of it
ZH: 但她如果她甚至其天堂获取了的味道

EN: Know why the bitches fuck wit me
ZH: 知道为什么婊子他妈的机智我

EN: Cause I eat that pussy like a female emcee
ZH: 因为我是去吃那阴部像女司仪

EN: Ha... you get it?
ZH: 医管局......你得到它吗?

EN: How bout me and ya girl you with it?
ZH: 如何怎么样我和雅女孩你与它吗?

EN: Money over everything the only thing that matter
ZH: 在一切唯一重要的东西的钱

EN: Since I been getting it my been blunts getting fatter
ZH: 因为我一直获取它我已钝变胖

EN: Take a couple puffs off it now a nigga woozy
ZH: 现在带几个泡芙关闭它晕黑鬼

EN: And the white hoes I fuck with consider them whooties
ZH: 我用干白锄头考虑他们 whooties

EN: We bout to make a movie
ZH: 我们要拍一部电影

EN: Starring me and a cast full of groupies
ZH: 我和演员主演的歌迷全

EN: And I do my own stunts
ZH: 我做我自己的特技

EN: But right now im smoking blunt after blunt
ZH: 但现在 im 吸烟钝钝后

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]