Danielson - People's Partay lyrics

Open to the public
No charge at the door for
Folks with costumes + slo-ro balloons.
Party pizzas bonfires all around the pool.
It is a surprise to see you.

Silly string + streamers.
A nature walk for seniors,
Our disc jockey will rock the house real neat.
Let us move this shindig to the street.
To compete and steal their peeps.
Please join us.

The ordinance we'll violate,
This block party will be great.
I am an event planner by trade,
Come join us + dance all day.
Now let's form a parade
And march to town.

Let's all conversate, recreate, celebrate.
Party the world + welcome you home.

We got games to break the ice.
Party supplies it's paradise.
Get down at the buffet, don't delay.
It's an informal pajama potluck day.
Hey, what can I're welcome.

This bash is so elephantine,
Let's move it to the field by the rail line.
Then people from all around these lands
Can come and have a sweet + sour grand ol' time.
This pre-party's just getting started.

This place is nuts + outta control.
Joy is jumping through the goal.
Come get wine + milk and bring a bowl.
Saved the best for last 'cause it's our goal
To spoil you with sweetness.