Daniel The Photographer - Coffee Shop Of Horrors lyrics

Baby, leave this club with me
I'll make your heart beat faster than lights speed
Just trust me,i'll show you everything you've wanted to see.

This isn't trickery, oh this isn't sorcery
Even a medieval man can see that this is chemistry
Just you and me and the dance club
Are you ready to go?

I'll turn the lights out
As im turning you on
I'll play the dj
And make your heart skip a beat
And keep the song on repeat till dusk turns to dawn

It's like we have a map
That leads straight to our hearts
We are one of a kind
Playing two parts
No lines, we just fine getting ready for an encore.

Put simply, you amaze me
Cant you see? i want you to be with me
Put your hands around my waist and rock my body back and forth.

1 2 3 4
No more, no more of this waiting
I simply must kissing your face right now