Daniel Landa - Eurosong lyrics

Hello europian people,
I am Daniel from Praga,
Bohemian sun of Vyšehrad,
I am just asking like a small child,
Where is my home?
I am just asking for my identity.
Who am I? I am lost!
Sorry for my english I am born in Czech.

Hello german people I am Daniel from Praga.
Coca cola Berlin, Škoda revolucion.
Junge people hip-hop, understanding english.
Multikulti national, I am a crazy joint.

Hello people italiano, KFC di Roma!
Searching for my home, europian union.
Sorry for my english, I am czecho brother.
I am searching for my home, Europian union.

Hello polish people I am Daniel from Praga,
One, two of Nokia, ješče nezgyněla.
Bic Mac I am very happy, like my polish brother.
Lovestory in Hypermarket, Sony, Jogobella.

Bonjour french people, I am Daniel from Praga.
I know Peugeot Brno, you know, everybody peace.
Your politik loves you, my politik loves me,
suburban of Paris, make now cheese.

Hello europian people I am Daniel of Česko.
One land now, yes, happy clappy passport.
Visacard, Banking, SONY, Euro, Tesco.
Neonazi-antifa sitcom, police people sport.

Hallo my europien brother,
We are one land now, I know you and you know me now too.
I am Daniel of Praga this is just a song. This is not fire just poem.
This is just question, just imagination. Like a child.

I will be better silent now.
There is somebody he don't likes poems about nations.
Pššt! His ear is everywhere.
We will better whisper.

American tango, europian mango.

Helou speeking Vyšehrad sexi in the night...
I am like the chicken kitchen Praga Vietnam hole.
Don't say no! Pepsicola light.
Europian union europian soul.