Daniel Guerrero - Reputation lyrics

A faceless soul apear in my dreams,
Calling my name, almost in screams,
A shameless mind trying to get to to me,
One broken heart trying to forget the agony,
The echo of that voice drives me crazy,
Cause she left me to my luck just cause she was lazy.

Do you think ill forgive you,
After all you've put me through?
Do you think i should give you,
More than i recieved from you?

Ill give my kids what i never recieved from you,
Ill give them love and care until my life is through,
I'll never mention your name ,ill make it like youve never been there
Ill make it like i was born out of a trash can,
The one you threw me in when you were so high on crystal meth
But i wont do the same cause im someone who cares
About a life that hasnt even begun more than the opinions of everyone else