Daniel Amos - Fingertips lyrics

Who's soflty slipping
Down the stairs?
Is someone sitting
In that empty chair?
Who's moving the air
Brushing my hair
With their fingertips?

Someone's coming
(ready or not)
I hear them breathing
(in the mystery spot)
Rattling locks
And winding the clocks
Leaving fingerprints

Someones whispering
In my ears
All my hopes and
All my fears
Counting the years
And catching my tears
On their fingertips

Somethings different
About this place
Is something hiding
In that empty space?
Walking the halls
And pounding the walls
Leaving fingperprints

Who's that passing
Through that door?
Another sign I
Can't ignore
Across the floor
And touched me once more
With their fingertips

Someone laughs and
Reaches down
Cracks the plates and
Spins the world around
On their fingertips