Dangers - No Vonneguts, No Glory lyrics

Cowboys or indians?
Pinkerton to Taliban,
Tijuana to Nicaragua:
It smells like fear.
Vietnam to Afghanistan:
It tastes like tears.
They're crying, crying, they're crying their eyes.
They're dying, dying, they're dying to stay alive.
I have a dream,
I'm down on my knees,
I hear a voice
Stuck on repeat
It says,
"Place your right hand over your heart,
Ready, begin,"
But I won't.
I won't pledge.
I won't pledge allegiance 'til
You pledge to never kill another human being
N.R.A. to Enola Gay:
The end is near.
Yes, I object,
Just like Vonnegut,
I'll have none of it:
Long live Ice-9.