Dangerous Dame - Live Everyday lyrics

(feat. Holy Quran)

[Chorus x2]
Here today, and gone tommorow
Here today, and gone tommorow
Here today, and gone tommorow, live everday like your last
Cause you might not see the rest

[Holy Quran]
My stacks tall, constant ball
My stacks fall, not at all
Peep what I wear I come fitted with the weather
See im a player and im gettin it together
Lot of them po po's, rings and chains
I got a volvo, a stain with thangs
A nova creem and green, got over slangin cain
Enough of the details cause I got riches
I'm fuckin the females, thats hot nottin btches
And I'm doing wrong and no enesley
If I'm doing wrong, its gon come back to me
I'm tired of havin to act up, im ready to do right
I'm tryin to havin to battle up, already have 2 strikes
And I'm not feelin grace, times got my spot hot but lot got real estate
Its the gita and bigger than slangin ounces
Nigga a pinch of just slangin houses
I'm ballin, just ballin tremendous
I'm all in this call it a buissiness
Instead I got bills and a lot of time for plenty G
Better i got mils just by the time im 23
And everyday I advance, till I got ?
Live everday like your last, cause you might not see the rest


[Dangerous Dame]
Why, oh why these niggaz gettin short stopped
Life goes by quicker than a blowjob
Fools gettin scandulus choose who's next to get a race from the planet
Its devilish when you die, the element of surprise
You loved in the town cause hella ??
Gangsta, what the you was big
Now you just a memory to tell to the kids
Respect deep, for always going took em up
But never new when the man was going to pull the plug
If you new what was coming, you would have slowed down
They just put you in the dungeon your body's cold now
So if you livin stay up in the lane
Smokin much weed and gettin drunk just fuck if you can
Hittin top noch cock, I ask when I get lonely why should I got blocked
I pass it to my homies
And when we finished you'll be fixing us up
Steak, and potatoes, or even chicken and duck
Im living phat like a TV star, popped the motherfuckin mac in the VCR
I get my money on the proper way handle buissness never stressin everyday is like a holiday
And im subject to be next, live everyday like your last cause you might not see the rest


[Dangerous Dame & Holy Quran]
Now is the time, cant do it later
I save a nickel, save a dime, go to Jamaca
-take a cruise to the Bahamas
Go have a party, do it with you or your mamas
Or when a ??
-or you and your homies
Go have a barbacue, and foos slamin bones G
Dont wanna argue do you?
-gettin into the dollars do like you outta do
Listen to the part of you, with harder you outta do
-jack a million if you feel you can, then take your children to disneyland
-you can do what you wanna do, have fun go away with a cow gun for a one or two
-just be a soldier and get what you gotta get theres nothin fire in the pits so stay outta here
-you aint a blunt so roll a fat joint, trash the white zags, get a blunt and roll a black joint
-I hope my folks is out there hearin me you know life aint no joke so take it seriously
-live everday like your last, cause you might not see the rest
Live everday like your last, cause you might not see the rest

[chorus till end]