Danger Is My Middle Name - Goodbye Skyline lyrics

The darkness is disrupted by a whisper softer than a breeze and oh so tender like tender busted lips, I'm laughing at those quips, I'm so damn happy why am I in pain?
The darkness is dispersed beneath the moonlight, pale as your skin and oh so bright.
Strike my heart with stakes or burn me up in flames, I'm waiting for someone to put them out.
Goodbye skyline, I'll be just fine.
Your lights remind me of a thousand broken halos just like mine.
The darkness hesitates to break the silence, quiet as the cold and ever present.
I'm present but denied, patient and implied....if you're a bitch it makes it all O.K.
If I could spend the night underneath the starry sky then I wouldn't have to sin to lie.
If I could spend the night underneath your starry eyes then I wouldn't have to say goodbye