Dandi Wind - 2010 lyrics

The first time we met and we spoke.

There was a room but what a joke: that's what i get; on the dole.

Kicked in the face and i'm on skid row.

Blinded by the sun cuz i got no blinds

Repulsed by faith and i see all kinds.

Still you want a damage deposit.

When i'm drinking rust our of the faucet?!

Make way : prosperity.

Make way : mediocrity.

Make way for blah blah blah

Make way make way for shangri-la.

Make way : it's path to growth!

Make way : there's room for most!

Make way : for 2010.

Make way make way make way again!Make way : for peace of mind

Make way : for a piece of shit!

We're headed for 2010

Make way make way make way again!

When i came back later that same day.

The rent was more than you said i'd pay

Cat shit all over the floor.

Human shit smeared on the door.

Power out on a daily basis.

Dirt piled up in the empty spaces.

The rent i read in the paper.

Peeled away like wallpaper.