Dan Wilde - We Will Have Time lyrics

We are the same, at least inside
You bare the feelings that I like to hide
You tell the truth, I choose to lie, sometimes

It's an obsession of that I am sure
I have so much but I just want more
And this is a problem that I'll just ignore, for now

We will have time, when we grow old
To barter back for the souls that we've sold
We'll pray to God, when we get the fear
What will be left when we're no longer here?

Well you say I'm different but I know that's kind
You barely know me there's so much I hide
Well I wanna change but right now I don't have the time

And you've got opinion, well that I can see
You like to argue, but I just agree
And you wanna change
But you're just the same, the same as me