Dan Wilde - Cold lyrics

Despite the way we're brought up to be
We've got lives of our own
We changed clothes and we took to the road
Leaving places and people we'd known

We hitch hiked through life for a while
We ended up here
And where to go well I'm lost I don't know
Cause it feels like the roads disappeared

And I left my home
Moved out of the city
And you were alone
But I turned away

And oh I was cold, If I could I would change it
But no, what choice did I have
So, if you wondered I want you to know
I was never proud

I held on to the words in my head
For so long I let go
And where we'd be if I'd waited to see
Well I wonder but we'll never know

And you opened your heart up to me
But I played it cool
I knew not just how sick I would feel
When I realised that I'd been a fool