Dan Sweatt - Your Favorite Song lyrics

Every time I close my eyes you are standing there
With your perfect lips and your shining hair
And then I open my eyes with a little fear
Knowing that when my eye lids rise, you're not gonna be here

This should be your favorite song
After all I wrote it for you
Every word you said was wrong
All were lies and nothing was true

You said things to make me look bad
Are you forgetting what we had?

Every time I look to you, you just walk away
The same old stuff gets older every day
And without hesitation, you break my heart
Why couldn't you have warned me from the start?

Chorus (Repeat)

I miss you tonight, like every other day
And I'm running low on creative words to say
So stop and look
Give back what you took
And realize I only want it your way

Chorus (Repeat)

Chorus (Repeat)