Dan-E-O - T.N.T. lyrics

I know you love how I do it to y'all
Dude, I was small and knew that I was suited to brawl
Get a competitor, forever they brutally fall
Gotcha listenin' like a radio station's new cue to call
Who knew when I started the type of rapper that Dan would be?
Zeppelin-type lyrics make you scream 'oh the humanity!'
To battle me's the definition of the word 'insanity'
Chances are screwed like fFunkbox"
(feat. Chocolate Ty)

Funk, it's gotcha bumpin', makes ya jump
So pump the song for me
Thumpin' cuz it's somethin' thatcha lovin'
Shake your rump for me

God made me funky, each and every single day I pump beats
Hip-hop is my favourite but I'm a music junkie
Trust me, my whole life, rhythm in my head
At night before I sleep I tap beats on my bed
Ask my friends 'bout my habit that seems never endin'
Use my fingers to scratch on any nylon or denim
Pretendin' I'm a DJ in a DMC battle
That'll dazzle onlookers while the speakers snap and rattle
It don't matter where I'm at, where readin' or chillin'
I be rhymin' in my head, whether eatin' or shittin'
I be chillin' with a chick and I'm about to hit it yo
I imagine that it be happenin' in a video
Really though, everything is a song I got a trick
Make beats clickin' my teeth, internally it's sick
Cuz if you love music, then you know it's oxygen
Ain't got a heart, my chest is where my funkbox is in!


My funkbox is not only my heart, it's my soul
Funk pours from my pores and my follicles and holes
I was told that during my mother's pregnancy
Is the time period in which the funk entered me
She would party, big belly and all, feelin' no ways
'Till I was born, holdin' a mic, sportin' some shades
I was cool daddy, never shy to be an attraction
Had early visions of becoming the next Michael Jackson
If your askin' what I did as a kid to get licks
Broke my mom's wooden spoons usin' 'em as drumsticks
I wasn't a dumb kid, I got good report cards
My dad would buy me a record awarding me for the job
See, toys came second and T.V. it came third
Always knowin' one day, through music I would be heard
It's obvious to me why God put me on this place
Ain't got a mouth, a funkbox is found on my face!

The funk is all up in me, the only way it can be
I don't know what I'd do without music in my life, oh
I simply cannot believe, how some people can conceive
Living from day to day without feelin' the vibe, oh


My funkbox is not only my soul, it's my mind
No exaggeration, it's creating music all the time
If you could find wires that could connect to me
You would hear music made better than any MPC
From elementary throughout university
Built a savings all spent on creating my first CD
Do you love music like me? Well, ask yourself a question:
Would you tell your future wife that to it, she came second?
Break up and find solace in making a slammin' record
Knowin' that as an artist is how you're truly respected
My reason for breathin' is cuz music is my bride
Don't live on earth, a funkbox is where I reside!

[Chorus]aces of niggaz who be mad at me
(Oooh!) check my magic, elaborate display
Been rappin' since the day before back in the day
Damn impressive so manic depressives are happy to say
'Dan-e-o is comin'!' like someone always wackin' away
(Oh yeah!) introducing the industry's rap renegade
Flavorful like 84 gallons for fresh lemonade
Those who wanna scrap, but claimin' they never been afraid
Greg Focker meeting your parents would have a better day

'Til I die I'mma keep strong (Tell 'em whatcha got!)
Lyrics make me a king (now tell these niggaz thatcha baahd!)
Trust me yo, I'm a baahd man!
Bwoy, yuh no ever wanna try no ting! [x2]
(Take these niggaz to the top!)

I always hit homers when up to bat
Don't believe that? Go ahead nigga and check the stats
Oddly enough, I ain't even playin' with all you cats
Y'all washed up and I run rap's new Laundromat
With sicker flows than what you find inside of a catheter
Ends of battles I'm in are best described as a massacre
The caliber of my lyrics got you stuck like a fastener
In the fact that I can mop the floor with you like a janitor
(Damn!) I knock the wind out of you like Rocky
I'm cocky, but honestly, whatchu gon' do to stop me?
My sixth sense see dead people: rappers who taunt D
Rhyme sweeter than faces of Beyonce and Ashanti
(Mmmph!) explicitly wicked until infinity
Been my favourite rapper from '87 up to this day
Ain't no slowin' down, I'm in this deeper than sympathies
Splittin' niggaz like seconds leavin' 'em dead like giveaways


I'm constantly takin' it to ya grill
Got so much skill, cancer is jealous that I'm this ill
My music, from years of work, allowing talent to build
Is classic like T-dot dudes saying 'guy', 'bredren' and 'still'
If niggaz wanna trip, then I'm about to delay your bus
Flows shock you like you when your hearin' three-year-olds say a cuss
Quicker than whites getting toothpaste for over eight of us
Cuz we known to be Very Bad like Things that Christian Slater does
(Ohhh!) maybe I don't need a silly deal
I'm funky like your breath when garlic is in your meal
Minimal record sales is my only Achilles' Heal
Major labels eat a dick to know how I just really feel
(Uh huh) it's your loss doubting I'm great like outdoors
Nastier than the thought of seeing your mom without draws
Every rhyme I shoot just simply without a doubt scores
While you could never come with the right hit like southpaws!