Daisy Haze - First Victim lyrics

The traffic rolls by, the driver knows by, the sound of the horn
The day just rolls by, Im takin tolls by, the lonely side aisle
The last victim, turned to a pogrom, by a set of rules
The last kingdom, a lonely fiefdom, an enigmatic smile
The first victim of a war is truth

And Im losin sleep by just tryin to keep my head afloat
The last pilgrim, the first kingdom, on a crystal night
Higher and higher and higher we build
Well stop when all the holes been filled
The first victim of a war is truth

Dont you worry about yourselves
Lay the blame on someone else
Dont you ever look too high
But at the level of your eye

A rollin tank yea, an empty bank yea, neon lights and colored signs
Yellow bulldozer, a roller coaster, of broken dreams and shattered pines
Fatherless children, an Armageddon, of childrens hopes and dreams
And our leader, torn to pieces, tell me could you do better than him?
The first victim of a war is truth