Da Circle - Cuff Da Fists (2011)

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Da Circle - Cuff Da Fists lyrics

Now when I stop it the level of my rage
When I ...kamikaze fists when I palm you
Thousands ain’t attack your man or get smacked
Hit the ground so hard Atlanta get crack
Now you start to see the beast that you pretended with
And you get escaped the b*tches pretended with
What a .. that you find yourself in
you ain’t a gentleman resigned to get quit
...punch sight .. shake it in your boobs like .. Olympics
Mina is the .. you try to .. it make no sense like with the sword
You .. the way .. too ..
You could be the king ... in pieces like a broke ..

One two, one two, they ain’t no sound check
Is the ... b*tches rain to your face ..the fluffin, cousin get the duffin’
if you ... like your neighbors ..I’m f*cking you up,
I just down from my .. I knocking you up
...shake it ..slim underworld ...in the party ..for tight situations
When your man ...by affiliation, so when I broke your nose is like menstruation
..the exercise patience...the bastards up after confrontation.

How you feel again knock the f*ck ..slam to the ..get stop the f*ck off
So your man took the ..and they had to have ..SOS call.
To assemble all .. yes it ain’t ..but the war .. ready to jump it all
Like the ..to the jungle, it’s time to ..may it ..stumble and mumble
It’s no t.. crumble my .. two piece and these ..
then..so b*tches was hurt it suddenly observed how it worked out the nerve
Sopop off the shits we got the ..you won’t convince me
...still talk and f*cked them off ..got the bills smacked like the ..

Battle rap state ...apply the strategy
My great ..I’m legendary, I’ll be shit ..in an icon
..like nine..super smooth I try on, deep in low..
..paint the picture visual, competition miserably
Nigga put your ..chick in two plus ..typical
I drink .. or blue, red white and brown shoes
You put in .. if you had your own ...
I ...check is a ... I swing a big sword ... late night or ..
..I’m president plus a client, I’m too ..with it ..

How you feel again knock the f*ck ..slam to the ..get stop the f*ck off
Talk out your face in ..get knocked the f*ck out
Stop the f*ck ..