Da Brat - What Chu Like (feat. Tyrese) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Da Brat](Tyrese)
, Oh, look out
, Oh uh, come on
, What'chu like, a whole lot of, whut?
, (Tyrese...
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Da Brat - What Chu Like (feat. Tyrese) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Da Brat](Tyrese)
ZH: [Da 小子](献技)

EN: Oh, look out
ZH: 哦,看

EN: Oh uh, come on
ZH: 哦呃加油

EN: What'chu like, a whole lot of, whut?
ZH: 像很多,whut What'chu 吗?

EN: (Tyrese yeah)
ZH: (献技 yes (是)

EN: What'chu like, me on a, whut?
ZH: 像我的 What'chu 上,whut 吗?

EN: (What'cha like, what'cha like?)
ZH: (像 what'cha,what'cha 象吗?)

EN: What'chu like? (Can you tell me, baby)
ZH: What'chu 喜欢吗?(你能告诉我,婴儿)

EN: Why? How? All night long
ZH: 为什么呢?如何?整整一夜

EN: (All night long)
ZH: (整夜)

EN: [Da Brat]
ZH: [Da 小子]

EN: I like 'em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian with
ZH: 我喜欢她们棕色、 黄色、 波多黎各或与海地

EN: Good conversation plenty big faces
ZH: 愉快的交谈足够大的脸

EN: It's a must I stay luxurious
ZH: 这是一个必须我住豪华

EN: Jewelry cut precision like I bust
ZH: 珠宝切割精度像我暴

EN: Been winnin' since Funkdafied blew up
ZH: 已赢因为炸毁了 Funkdafied

EN: It's evident, shit I can't be touched
ZH: 很明显,妈的我无法触及的

EN: Niggas say I'm too much, I trust it's true
ZH: 黑鬼说我是太多了,我相信这是真的

EN: Why lie? See for yourself when I slide through
ZH: 为什么要说谎?当我滑出自己看看

EN: Drive by, your bitch say don't look, you do
ZH: 开车的你的婊子说别看,你做

EN: Shine so bright in the wet U2
ZH: 湿 U2 的所以照耀

EN: You wish boo boo could ride with you tonight
ZH: 你想嘘嘘今晚与你可以骑

EN: Ain't nothing in the world that Brat can't do
ZH: 在这个世界上的小子不能做什么都不是

EN: She attractive to them, him, her, and you shit
ZH: 她对他们、 他、 她和你妈的有吸引力

EN: Frostbit, December Unrestricted
ZH: Frostbit,12 月不受限制的

EN: Drop dead, the cost is priceless
ZH: 滴死了,成本是无价的

EN: Due to the content I suggest you'll like this
ZH: 由于内容我建议你就会喜欢这个

EN: 1 - [Tyrese]
ZH: 1-[献技]

EN: What do you like?
ZH: 你喜欢什么?

EN: A whole lot of foreplay
ZH: 一大堆的前戏

EN: Right before you get it started
ZH: 在你开始之前的权利

EN: What do you like?
ZH: 你喜欢什么?

EN: Me on top
ZH: 我在上面

EN: You on the bottom, tight body
ZH: 你在底部,紧身体上

EN: What do you like?
ZH: 你喜欢什么?

EN: Somebody that can make you say
ZH: 有人可以让你说

EN: Wow, know how to all night long
ZH: 哇,知道如何整夜

EN: All night long, tell me
ZH: 整夜,告诉我

EN: [Da Brat]
ZH: [Da 小子]

EN: Whassup? The setting, a hot-ass club
ZH: Whassup 吗?设置,热屁股俱乐部

EN: And you still be sweating me
ZH: 你仍然会出汗我

EN: I don't see nothing wrong with giving a little love
ZH: 看不到任何的毛病给一点爱

EN: But nigga just let me breathe
ZH: 但黑鬼只是让我呼吸

EN: Damn, you cute as hell so let's switch the digits
ZH: 该死的你可爱的地狱所以我们切换数字

EN: Then I got to leave
ZH: 然后我要离开

EN: And you can buy me a couple of drinks
ZH: 你可以买给我喝几杯酒

EN: But I'mma go socialize and smoke my weed
ZH: 但我来走社会化和抽我的大麻

EN: And I like it when you keep your eyes on me
ZH: 你保持你的眼睛我喜欢

EN: And I like it when you touch my privacy
ZH: 我喜欢这样,当你触摸我的隐私

EN: And I like it sex and ecstasy
ZH: 我喜欢这样性别和摇头丸

EN: When the belt buckle loosen up, undress me
ZH: 当皮带扣松开时,替我脱

EN: Already juiced up, that come naturally
ZH: 已经气氛活跃起来了,那自然到来

EN: Wax on and off so romantically
ZH: 打开和关闭的蜡如此浪漫

EN: No woman can slow dance or throw down like I can
ZH: 没有女人可以慢舞或像我一样扔下

EN: Ask if you curious to know what I like, man
ZH: 问问是否你好奇,想知道自己喜欢什么人

EN: Repeat 1
ZH: 重复第 1

EN: [Da Brat]
ZH: [Da 小子]

EN: Let me tell you something
ZH: 让我告诉你的东西

EN: Well I start at the top of the list
ZH: 我开始在列表的顶部

EN: With my pretty eyes, a cute nose and these fat ass lips
ZH: 我漂亮的眼睛,可爱的鼻子和这些胖屁股的嘴唇

EN: My medallion sit in the middle of my tits
ZH: 我的徽章坐在我的胸部

EN: It's hit after hit, shit sweet every sip
ZH: 它具有命中后命中,甜妈每喝一口

EN: Down to the last drip drop, watch the hips rock
ZH: 到最后一滴水滴,看着臀部岩

EN: Color Me Bad, tick tock you don't stop
ZH: 颜色我坏,滴答滴答你不停止

EN: 'Till the thick thighs, dick rise when I skip by
ZH: 直到在厚厚的大腿上,迪克上升时我通过跳过

EN: I ain't surprised I'm what'chu like nigga
ZH: 我不是很惊讶我很像黑鬼 what'chu

EN: Repeat 1 until fade
ZH: 1 重复直到淡入淡出