DMX - Talkin Money lyrics

How you doin over there, swizz?
I'm doin pretty good
How you doin? you aight?
I'm good
Yeah, so what's poppin' with this money? how we makin out?
Well, waah, we're getting a lot of checks in from the record companies, we're doing very good
How much money is is is goin in my pocket, and how much is goin in yours?
Waah, your getting at least 60%, we only takin like 3%
I'm not feelin you are my cousin right now, you know that right?
I don't understand why, waah

Ok, well didn't you just cut half my cut with the president?
Ummm, well, that wasn't paid for...
F**kin studder, where my money at?
Waah, settle down
Wheres my f**kin money at?
It's in the account
Shut the f**k up, now wheres my money at?

Motherf**ker, shit.....I want my money!