DMX - Shit Don't Change (feat. Snoop Dogg) (The Weigh In EP) (2012)

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DMX - Shit Don't Change (feat. Snoop Dogg) (The Weigh In EP) lyrics

[Intro: DMX]
Shit don't change
Shit stay the same

[Hook: DMX & Snoop Dogg]
[SD]Shit don't change
Shit stay the same
[DMX]Shit don't change
[SD] My hot thang
[DMX] Shit stay the same
[SD] I'm doing my thing

[Verse 1: DMX]

Body bag a nigga (uhh)
This rifle in his face will toe tag a nigga
They wasn't born in it
They was sworn in it
I roll with the raw point it out, they going to get it
Show 'em they gone get it
Thats what we do, Lethal, leave you see through, with the eagle
Peep through. Now he layin up in a box
Looking like he sleep, he was the man on the block
Niggas know thats what the rats will do
Wannabe gangstas into maggot food
But would it hurt a nigga with the truth to kill him with a lie
Creep my man all you wanna do is get a nigga high
I see it in your eye, nothing real about ya
You is a fraud, thats just how I feel about ya
Y'all ain't mobsters, you a posse
Soon as I spot you ima stomp you,watch it,gotcha

[Hook x2: DMX & Snoop Dogg]

[Verse 2: DMX]
When the dog get hungry, dog gon' eat
I slide my plate right under a nigga feet
Them lions in the road will get down in the street
Come through like (brrrat) put them cats to sleep
Staying with the heat, cook niggas, shook niggas
Me and my crew is nothing but crook niggas
You off the hook nigga? err'body strip
Err'body get down, cause my niggas flip
Fake niggas take niggas, snake niggas
Make niggas, rape niggas, I hate niggas
Talking that riff raff, get back
Call me extortion nigga, I get half
Fuck what you heard, baby, X go hard
Beasts in the streets, beasts in the yard
It ain't never been nothing but pulling a nigga's card