DMX - Prayer (Undisputed Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Lord Jesus you have brought me from a place so dark 
, To the point where I can now feel the love in...
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DMX - Prayer (Undisputed Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Lord Jesus you have brought me from a place so dark
ZH: 主耶稣你把我从一个如此黑暗的地方

EN: To the point where I can now feel the love in my heart
ZH: 到哪里我现在可以在我的心里感觉爱点

EN: And I know it’s just a start but there’s more to come
ZH: 我知道它是只是一个开始,但有很多事情来

EN: So now I embrace it but I used to run
ZH: 所以现在我拥抱它,但我用来运行

EN: Didn’t know what I was running from or running towards
ZH: 不知道我是从运行或运行实现

EN: Till the day I saw it I was running from the Lord
ZH: 直到我看到它的那天我从运行主

EN: And when I came back you accepted me with open arms and said
ZH: 当我回来时你接受了我张开双臂和说:

EN: All is forgiven and I became so strong
ZH: 一切都可以原谅和如此坚挺

EN: That I can fight off the devil with the spoken words say it
ZH: 我可以击退恶魔与口语词语说它

EN: Devil I rebuke you and that's when I was heard because no matter what I been through
ZH: 魔鬼就责备你,听说是因为无论什么我经历了

EN: I can deal with it and because of what I went through I was still fitted
ZH: 可以处理和由于我的经历我仍装

EN: With the armor that comes with the blood of Jesus
ZH: 附带了耶稣的宝血的盔甲

EN: Knowing even when we are suffering when he sees us
ZH: 甚至当我们都痛苦时他看到我们知道

EN: And when we were lost he believed the flock could find the one
ZH: 而且当我们丢失了他相信羊群可以找到一个

EN: Just like any father trying to find his son
ZH: 就像任何一位父亲想要找到他的儿子

EN: And let me remind you no matter where you at he would find you
ZH: 让我提醒你,无论在哪里你在他会找到你

EN: To help you put the negative behind you Lord give me a sign
ZH: 帮助你把否定后面你的主给我一个手势

EN: Please let me know you're here at or least let me know you're near
ZH: 请让我知道你在这里,或者至少让我知道你在附近

EN: Remind me to call you when we need you remind me to call you because we all need to
ZH: 提醒我打电话给你当我们需要你的时候提醒我打电话给你,因为我们都需要

EN: And give us the strength to make it through just one more day and
ZH: 给我们力量,使它通过多只是一天和

EN: Jesus mighty name we pray.
ZH: 耶稣强大名称我们祈祷。

EN: Amen.
ZH: 阿门。