DMX - 6 Foot 7 Foot Freestyle lyrics

It's about time I reacted look at y'all did to this rap shit
Knowin' n-ggas is wrong, come on with the cat shit, wack shit
Get n-ggas, toe down, slap quick, blam, blam, blam
Go down, that quick
Acting like the truth is gone
Heard em say, don't deal with the ruthless one
This two piece leave your faggot ass toothless son
I go hard, (dawg, don't do it)
Too late it's done
Hold up, I done show you why the dog is the illest
Killers, you might not catch it, but you feel this

The realest n-gga to ever do it
The realest n-gga to ever go through it
And y'all gon bring me back to it
Y'all gon make me lose my mind
(?) Came from crime, I'ma change with time
N-ggas don't know me.
What d'ya mean I hold something