DL Incognito - Keep It Movin' lyrics

More money mo problems, No money mo problems
So I guess at the end of the day, got nothin' solved
I been told I'm a dreamer so I, aim for the stars
But I'd rather drive a Beamer than a, Honda Accord
Want a model like Ford, sad but I cant afford
A Jimmy Choos, couple suits, rendezvous with my broad
In Manhatten but I'm lost, $800 a square foot
I guess I'm really lost, better off with a hair cut
A 3 piece suit (trade my temps?) for work shoes
Commute, on a train to an interview
But I'm tryna get paid off what I like to do
And these 9-5 hours won't allow me to
Plus I had two chicks like all my (Epson Deuce?)
And I couldn't find the time to keep on rhymin' true
So I regrouped, I tied up all the ends that's loose
And had to choose, I think I chose the right one too
Gotta hustle now twice as strong,
Cause I gotta convince a whole nation they should buy my songs
Tryna make a buck or something off of nickels and dimes
Like 7 Jeans, "It's for all mankind", I rhyme.

And I don't really care what they doin
I need fans that's more like my fam (to keep it movin)
And I don't really care what they doin
I need a whole lotta cash in my pockets (to keep it movin)
And I don't really care what they doin
I need that all day radio play (to keep it movin)
And I don't really care what they doin
I need support from you that's the truth (to keep it movin)

Got an audience that like my shit
I guess I cater to a certain demographic they say aint lovin paper
Why you think I got a backpack on, fill it with paper
I've cashed in so many favors it's outrageous
Kids from the suburbs get mad when I say this
But I want the same money as the ball players
Plus the entertainment value here is much greater
Off o' two turn tables and a cross-fader
The narrator to this hip hop lifestyle was broke as a child
I'm still waitin on my fans to cash out
No doubt, to buy things I can't afford before
Under-privileged I feel the need to consume more
And I know ya'll think I must be makin money for sure
Got a condo with a view and a real nice car
'stead i worked just as hard to do this for ya'll
Had to quit a few jobs just to head on tour
I do this for the love, but need cash to endure
Cuz props can't pay for my whole couture
And I probably have no need for a Bentley is all
But I wish I had the power to afford the car