DJ Yahel - Tears

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DJ Yahel - Tears lyrics

It's darker than before
only sand is hovering memory traces passing by and I have no more tears to cry

Theres nothing but the rain left to me
I'm torn to pieces can't you see?
If only I could feel your touch again but I can't get a grip

Now I'm alone again.
I can see the sky that fell me
How could you just walk away
I still love you baby can't you see

I dream about you every night and I can feel you there somewhere
I'm torn apart

And I see you baby,
feel you in every breath
and every move I make
and you know I'm lonly
only the sea can wash
the tears they fall
and it drives me crazy
I can't loose control, it hurts my soul
you're just in my head and you don't let go, please let go