DJ Suss One - Triumph Freestyle (feat. Jon Connor) lyrics (Chinese translation). | A lot of these rap niggas perpetrate
, Shit bugs me, so I exterminate
, A worm before they turn to...
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DJ Suss One - Triumph Freestyle (feat. Jon Connor) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: A lot of these rap niggas perpetrate
ZH: 很多这些说唱黑鬼犯下

EN: Shit bugs me, so I exterminate
ZH: 狗屎 bug 我,所以我灭掉

EN: A worm before they turn to snakes
ZH: 蠕虫之前他们转向蛇

EN: Terminate with a turn to fate
ZH: 终止与命运转向

EN: Stick your nose in my business
ZH: 把你的鼻子在我的生意

EN: My words a furnace, burn your face
ZH: 我的话一炉,烧掉你的脸

EN: Told me to write a sixteen
ZH: 告诉我写十六

EN: I walk out the booth with a murder case
ZH: 我走出与一宗谋杀案展位

EN: When they ask me to write
ZH: 当他们问我要写

EN: It's like they ass getting sliced
ZH: 这就像他们获取切片的屁股

EN: With a ax or a knife
ZH: 与 ax 或一把刀

EN: Want bars from Connor, you asking for life
ZH: 想要酒吧从康纳,你问的生活

EN: It's a sentence in every sentence
ZH: 这是每个句子中的一个句子

EN: What God say about vengeance?
ZH: 上帝说什么复仇?

EN: Well, I'll tell you -- it's all mine
ZH: 嗯,我会告诉你 — — 都是我的

EN: I was made in His image
ZH: 我曾在他的形象

EN: We do numbers, y'all don't put up enough digits to scrimmage
ZH: 我们做的数字,你们不会把进足够的数字以 scrimmage

EN: Got balling down to a science
ZH: 有了科学成球

EN: How you gonna fuck with a chemist?
ZH: 你如何要搞一个化学家吗?

EN: I got a hell of a squad, like I'm surrounded by sinners
ZH: 我真是一个小队,像我周围都是罪人

EN: You don't want static; my niggas hoping for broken antennas
ZH: 你不想让静态的 ;我希望能打破天线的黑人

EN: Fuck you talking about?
ZH: 操你在说什么吗?

EN: Shit, I be knocking them out
ZH: 妈的我将她们击倒

EN: Like a lock in a sock to the mouth
ZH: 像一只袜子到嘴中的锁定

EN: Stopping a drought
ZH: 停止干旱

EN: Spitting that crack
ZH: 随地吐痰的裂缝

EN: And you letting the cop in the house -- for what?
ZH: 和你让缔约方会议在房子里 — — 为了什么?

EN: It don't phase him when evasion is a part of the equation
ZH: 它别相他时逃税是公式的一部分

EN: They can't catch him, I run shit
ZH: 他们不能抓到他,我跑狗屎

EN: They can't race him, just chase him
ZH: 他们不能让他参加比赛,只是追着他

EN: And if I was in your shoes, I wouldn't even lace them
ZH: 是否在你的鞋,甚至不会蕾丝他们

EN: But I had niggas' tongues tied when I'm finished blazing
ZH: 但我有黑鬼的舌头绑我完成的时候超快的

EN: I'm the Second Coming
ZH: 我是第二次到来

EN: Consistently killing verses
ZH: 一贯地杀害经文

EN: Now that's what I call a streak without being naked running
ZH: 现在是我称之为条纹不裸露的情况下运行

EN: All I see is pussies, and I don't mean a naked woman
ZH: 我看到的都是娘,和我不是一个光着身子的女人

EN: So I'm fucking y'all over and I'm enjoying every moment
ZH: 所以我他妈的你们在和我享受每时每刻

EN: A moment of silence for this moment of violence
ZH: 为了这一时刻的暴力默哀一分钟

EN: Killing emcees, you'll really be fly when I send your soul to the highest
ZH: 杀害节目主持人,你真的会飞的时候我把你的灵魂送到最高

EN: Ambulances and sirens
ZH: 救护车和警报器

EN: I be giving them hell, not just a chance of you dying
ZH: 将给予地狱,不只是你死亡的机会

EN: Also a chance of you frying
ZH: 也有你煎炸的机会

EN: See, they turn to me with urgency
ZH: 看看他们转向我与紧迫性

EN: They know that I burn to be for eternity
ZH: 他们知道我烧的永恒

EN: My firm belief, I'm headstrong and this verse confirm you're weak
ZH: 我坚定的信念,我是任性,这一节确认你的脆弱

EN: So turn your cheek, and wait for your turn to speak
ZH: 所以打开你的脸颊上,等待轮到你发言

EN: This rap shit is child's play, it's hide-and-seek and you trying to peek
ZH: 嫁衣是小孩子的游戏,它的捉迷藏和你想要偷看

EN: I'm taking a stand at a time
ZH: 我就站在一次

EN: When everybody's still trying to find a seat
ZH: 当每个人都仍试图找到一个位子

EN: The flow is wet, so Sav know I got him when it's time to drop a leak
ZH: 流是湿的所以 Sav 知道他是时候放下了泄漏的时候我

EN: And every verse is fire, no way that they can compete
ZH: 每一节是火,没有它们可以竞争的方式

EN: This is Brian Bostin waiting, no way they can stop the heat
ZH: 这是布莱恩 Bostin 等,他们没有办法能阻止热

EN: I tell em vamanos or watch em drop like dominos cause I'mma roast
ZH: 我告诉 em 同志或观看 em 放像多米诺骨牌导致我来烤

EN: Anybody that think they coming kinda close til I'm a ghost, fucker
ZH: 有人认为他们来还挺密切的直到我是鬼,混蛋