DJ Serious - You Know Me lyrics

[feat. Arcee & Lil' Jaz]

Kinda serious though
Beside the holyness

You know who's on the mic
Serious is on the kicker snare
I treat my samples like whisky
To chicks i triple dare
Y'all looking out like a circle tryin' to fit a square
So when you'all thinkin of rap,
Better not make a career
This ain't the standard industry holdin' a drink of beer
I'm sick of drinkin beer
Matter fact i'm bout down an amaretta sour
Rockin' out to the metal power
Right side of the metal shower
To upset the power
Get devoured
Motherfucker looking what ya vomit on
Ever song of mine is a phenonmenon
Doin' it, n' it and more direct then columbine
More like a 6th sense
My rap is like Shamalyan
On a mission
Peace to diesel

Where ever I go brothers know my fuckin' name
I am the A the R the E, I am
Live and direct son
You know, you know me
(fuck it you niggas know me)

Yo, responsible for the drama
Like every night on the fender rolls
Lets play these jolly polly in with friends or foes
Your words held some play these boys like centerfolds
See y'all attendin' shows
Y'all know the time when they present the pros
Such as myself or don't apologin'
100% walkin', credit those
Getting full of rockin'
Yet they refuse assistance
Not with the doctor for the rock for the good position
I see you all and I recommend a healthy dosage of who to kissin'
Supplement by the crew you pissin'
I mean by now I would have expected your crew to listen
It's been 2 years since i dropped
I say you're stupid
I sit here in T.O. doing shows
I'm payin' as the main attraction
Takin' jackson talkin' action
It's me the ski mask
Hey yo jack, show them the meaning of this rap shit