DJ Serious - Serious Business lyrics

Uh uh uh
Word up
Blaze it through
Coming to you live and direct

Hey yo what's this all about, ya'll?
To all my peoples on the route, ya'll
You living for something you gonna die for?
Anything other is an eyesore
Yo, check it this is what we rhyme for
Flip it, sort it out for
Kick it save it to the eye-core
Let me awe
We never jam it
Suckas resort to scramblin', and get ta gamblin'
Check every glass wit it
Enough to track sucha with a..
Yo yo bronze, what up?

Yo yo yo my man
This ain't two heads
Like a kango
So stand tall like the land ho
The most god he keep me comfortable
So I spread love to all my people
Even those I don't know
So hold tight to true life is sho-core
If you let go, it's petrol
Begone, survival
Peace loving crew ya'll
Built by god
Nobody knowin' my youth though
Clip the real nigga child

Really no time to chill
It's ill
So you better take a time out
We keep it live
And who be dealing with brass memories
We keep it heavy
Say i knock
Hey yo, somebody said it's on it
I know it's just about to get hot
Just the same old thing
Get up on the next block
Think quick you acting like you something without a mic
Extremely outta sight
Hey priest of babylon
Around the whole world like a satelite
The dangerous like a leaking gas pipe
Sparking the night like a flashlight
Blowing soul-child
You movin' like an automobile
Pumping like a 4 pound and no doubt
Livin' up in this world where it's orbits are
We be getting odds we ain't trying to star
I'mma get mine regardless
Inflate the harvest
And then we risin' and we rhymin' it

The flow i just spit
It's like a pissed it
I had spoken it
Orbit like i'm this thick
We got cha trippin'
This is serious so scratch it
Craft it
Nothing but the classic

We ain't no steppin' with no half-wit
At last the class now in session
Drop 4 words before agression
Hey jah, i'll meet you after session
I'm serious you know my man keep the track lesson
No no doubt

Yo yo these times are real
Running in you never find the real
Brother it's time to build

You better take time out
And know the real
And you will never find it real
Brother you know it's time to build


Ya'll keep it true (yeah)
You keepin' it faith (nah)
Ya'll keep it right (yeah)
Baby hold it tight (yeah)
You're with us in the light
You know the truth no?

You're living true?
Then it's alright