DJ Quik & Problem - European Vacation (feat. Amg) (Rosecrans Album) (2017)

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DJ Quik & Problem - European Vacation (feat. Amg) (Rosecrans Album) lyrics

We're so official, can we get with you
Pussy so bomb like a missle
Last nigga hit you, he was so gone that he still need a tissue
Is this an issue? I'm on the block
Takin' your spot, nigga's been itchin' to drop
To many bitches to pop
Money to get
I am the, I am the shit!

[Verse 1]
I'm in a shiny range rover, (alright!)
With a spinning hangover, (alright!)
Last night I had three bad mommys on molly underneath me
I got up and broke this thing open, (woop woop woop)
Cuz' they respecs a G, (they do!)
And after that they erects the D, (they do!)
She my back catcher, and I'm trying to pitch
The whole nine innings
I ain't trying to switch, cuz' it's eastside, northside
Westside, homicide, dancefloor burn like you (?)
My music gets you high enough to run from Big Worm
Dancefloors burn like you (?)
But before I give you music you can't use
I'd rather walk (?) but without my shoes (huh)
I ain't a punk, I just like perfections
(?) Bullets go in one direction (uh)
I slap the shit out a bitch ass nigga
Running your mouth and immediately mad nigga
You wrinkeled up connoisseur
With your cheap suit color of manure (get on)
I'm on some shit right now
Im about to stick my dick up in your bitch right now
You come to compton you can smoke with DJ Quick right now
I'm on (Rosecraaans)
Hit it back from the city to the studio with keys
To let the hoes in
But when they mobbin on they're day off we're overdressed
What the hell you do in those pants (those paaaants)
Back it up, make it do the background thing
I'm touch that middle, make 'em all sizzle
Is that confetti in the ceiling? (well yes it is.)
We'll make it all fall down on these childeren
That's your champagne, thats my blunt
So we gone take 'em to the bottom 'till the sun's up