DJ Khaled - Welcome To My Hood (Remix) (feat. Ludacris, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Mavado, Birdman, Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Bun B, & Waka Flocka Flame) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Talking: DJ Khaled & T-Pain]
, I’m foreal about this shit, this the remix (welcome to my hood)...

DJ Khaled - Welcome To My Hood (Remix) (feat. Ludacris, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Mavado, Birdman, Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Bun B, & Waka Flocka Flame) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Talking: DJ Khaled & T-Pain]
ZH: [说: DJ 哈立德科技 T-痛]

EN: I’m foreal about this shit, this the remix (welcome to my hood) let’s go, remix, remix, remix
ZH: 我是 foreal 的屁话,咱们这混搭 (欢迎我罩),直接混搭、 直接混搭,直接混搭

EN: (Where ya hood at, where ya hood at, where ya hood at)
ZH: 烟 (凡雅烟罩,凡雅罩,凡雅烟罩在)

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [大合唱]

EN: Welcome to my hood, everybody know everybody and if I got it everybody got it, ugh
ZH: 欢迎来到我的罩,每个人都知道大家如果我得到了大家了呃

EN: Welcome to my hood, look at all these old school Chevys, 24′s so you know we roll heavy (YMCMB)
ZH: 欢迎来我的地盘,看在所有这些旧学校雪佛兰,这样你就知道我们卷重 (YMCMB) 24′s

EN: Welcome to my hood, where they gettin fly like a G6, and everybody know this is the remix
ZH: 欢迎来我的地盘,他们不飞喜欢哪里的 G6,和每个人都知道这是混搭

EN: Welcome to my hood, them boys will put you down on yo knees (woop, woop) that’s the sound of the police in my hood
ZH: 欢迎来我的地盘,这些男孩会放下你哟的警方在我罩的声音的组合组合) 膝盖

EN: [Ludacris]
ZH: [] Ludacris

EN: Everybody on the corner with the work slangin & bangin in front of that liquor store
ZH: 每个人都在角落诈取钱财科技亲热的前面那卖酒的商店工作

EN: Blowin money cause I live life fast with this bottle full of yak I’m a sip it slow
ZH: 神态钱事业活着这个瓶子装满了我它缓慢的 sip 的牦牛快速的生活

EN: Singles double when triple beams takeover
ZH: 单打时三双梁收购

EN: Now holla cause they Impalas got extreme makeovers
ZH: 现在情人原因他们成群了极端的面貌

EN: Couches covered in plastic, babies all in the street
ZH: 榻塑料,涵盖了所有在街上的婴儿

EN: Now wear the wrong color and catch a Rodney King beatdown
ZH: 现在穿错了颜色和捕捉 Rodney King beatdown

EN: Kids hit with switches, mamas is qoutin’ scriptures
ZH: 用交换机打孩子,妈妈是 qoutin' 圣经

EN: While Ludas gettin head, more gums than baby pictures
ZH: 虽然不牧鹅头,更比婴儿时的照片 gums

EN: Cock my 40 glock and my partna just bought a replica
ZH: 歪我 40 格洛克和我刚买了一个副本的 partna

EN: Now Asains sayin they don’t keep no cash in they register (hurry up and buy)
ZH: 现在说他们在他们别无现金 Asains 注册 (快点和买)

EN: We run from red & blue lights to get that green
ZH: 我们从红科技蓝色灯光,绿色以运行

EN: But whoever got that white is winnin like Charlie Sheen
ZH: 但谁了,白查利 · 希恩像是 winnin

EN: [T-Pain]
ZH: [T-痛]

EN: Teddy pain, teddy pain, bad man, bad man
ZH: 泰迪熊痛、 泰迪熊痛、 坏男人、 坏男人

EN: Mixed shots, boom boom boom boom boom bang
ZH: 混合的镜头,臂臂臂繁荣爆炸

EN: Man we the best never the less, you know we get it hot
ZH: 我们最好的人永远不会少,你知道,我们把它拿热

EN: Fire flame flame, fire fire flame
ZH: 火灾火焰火焰、 消防火灾火焰

EN: Put me on the track and I’m a really let a muthafucka feel it, when I do it, how I do it, what I do
ZH: 把我放在轨道上,我真的让我的一生只感觉到它,我做完事情,我是怎么做到的我做些什么

EN: If a nigga really wanna test (come and test), you can bet that I’m a eat em all day (fuck food)
ZH: 如果你真的想测试 (来和测试),你可以打赌我是吃 em 全天 (操食品)

EN: 850 what I represent, Tallahome Florida president
ZH: 850 Tallahome 佛罗里达州主席,我代表什么

EN: Me & DJ Khaled got these haters lookin hesitant
ZH: 我科技 DJ 哈立德 · 了这些 lookin 犹豫不决的仇恨

EN: So keep all that wackness out my ear, (phew phew) that’s the sound of your career in my hood
ZH: 所以保持了我的耳朵,所有这是捣蛋 (咻咻) 这是你职业生涯中我罩的声音

EN: [Busta Rhymes]
ZH: [伍佰]

EN: I hope you niggas got your ringside seats, cause it’s whoopass season
ZH: 我希望你得到了你占有席位,它的 whoopass 季节的原因

EN: Comin to a hood near you, everybody know what happen when you see me comin (BLACKA!)
ZH: 进到你附近的罩,每个人都知道发生什么事时,你看见我来 (布莱卡 !)

EN: I be hurdlin & gotcha reguritatin & murderin everything gun shots bah bah bah bah bah bah bah
ZH: 我是 hurdlin 科技一拍即合 reguritatin 科技 murderin 一切枪发号施令呸呸呸呸呸呸呸

EN: Ya’ll know what it is, I’m comin to get it & others are blockin
ZH: 你就会知道它是什么,我是来搞科技别人是 blockin

EN: I’m runnin the hood and nothin can top it
ZH: 我是蔷薇罩及妆可以一流信息科技

EN: You can google it and you can search it
ZH: 你可以,你可以搜索谷歌

EN: On how a nigga come and unlock it, impossible to stop it
ZH: 如何爱来和解锁它,让它停下来不可能

EN: More fire, thunder, pain, I go and heed the villian, he’s adrenaline poppin
ZH: 更多的火、 雷、 痛去,并听取恶棍,他是肾上腺素 poppin

EN: Need a medical situation because the way I’m fuckin everything until I’m peepin it
ZH: 因为方式我是你的一切直到我是 peepin,它需要医疗的情况

EN: Why you tryna do what you already know that I’m the king with it
ZH: 为什么你最潇洒做您已经知道,我是与之王

EN: And, you don’t wanna come behind me with it bro
ZH: 你不想在我后面来了人权法

EN: Uggh, I killed this shit I ain’t gotta rhyme no more
ZH: Uggh,我杀了这狗屎没得韵不再

EN: [Twista]
ZH: [] Twista

EN: Welcome to my hood where poor members of faculty backin me
ZH: 欢迎来我的地盘,凡差千岁我学院的成员

EN: If you ever try attackin me, that could be when I eat em
ZH: 如果你尝试过了我,那可能是我吃 em 的时候

EN: Especially when I beat em, when they see a bunch of killas and hustlas on the side of me
ZH: 尤其是当我胡言乱语,当他们看到一群 killas 和 hustlas 我的侧面

EN: I’m an anomoly to em, put em on crutches
ZH: 我是一种反常现象要说分手,拐杖放 em

EN: We’ll sock ya lip first for you touch us, he one that’s kickin our brothas
ZH: 我们会揍你唇第一次为你触摸我们,那一个是劲儿我们女人

EN: Much as I smoke the duchess and model chicks that cut us
ZH: 多为我烟公爵夫人和模型小鸡,打断了我们的

EN: And muthafuckas that love us, their enemies wanna touch us
ZH: 这些混蛋爱我们的他们的敌人想触摸我们

EN: I’m a spit a flow as if it was a sin, then the gangstas are restin forever
ZH: 我吐流好像是一种罪过,然后失眠是永远雷斯廷

EN: See a solid 4, then I’m a put it on the fin
ZH: 请参阅固体第 4,然后我把它鳍

EN: Then you know to never test, it’ll be a category F5
ZH: 然后你知道从来没有测试,它会在某一类别的 F5

EN: Handle military with automatic weapon so let’s ride
ZH: 处理军事与自动武器让我们骑

EN: Love to the honeys, and everybody that runnin the north
ZH: 蜂蜜,和每个人都该狂奔北爱

EN: And they whole city from the westside
ZH: 他们从旧金山国际机场全城

EN: [Mavado]
ZH: [] Mavado

EN: well cum to the gully whe we nuh tek bad up big SPLIFF inna mi hand and HENNESSY inna mi cup yuh see the GAL dem wi ve up is like sum ANGEL abducted dem FAT and GRAD up yuh a here mi when yuh pass the gate written at the entrance violate A straight death sentence to live yuh must be great to be a snake kno repentance we coming at yuh with vengeance
ZH: 好暨要我们孤单技术坏了大海里因娜 · 米手和轩尼诗因娜 · 米杯裕看到 GAL dem wi ve 起来就像天使笔绑架 dem 的沟壑国产化脂肪和研究生院裕这里 mi 裕通大门入口处写违反活裕直死刑时,必须非常高兴蛇知道悔改我们在裕与复仇

EN: [DJ Khaled]
ZH: [DJ 哈立德 ·]

EN: Never slippin, I’m ballin, Puff keep on callin
ZH: 一生从未 slippin,我是一起,吹不断呼喊

EN: I don’t see none of you p-ssies, f-ck that shit you be talkin
ZH: 看不到你狗屎,你的 f-ck p-ssies 都不算

EN: Rep Miami the ghettos (Dade County), every hood and the projects
ZH: 代表迈阿密贫民区 (达德县),每个罩和项目

EN: And when I drop off my singles, I’m droppin one of my targets
ZH: 当我下车我单身,我是流星我的目标之一,

EN: Lord forgive me for my sins, I gave you hits
ZH: 上帝原谅我我的罪,我给你点击

EN: I gave you “All I Do Is Win“, I live this shit
ZH: 我给了你"所有我做是赢",我住屁话

EN: And, we the best, it’s no pretend
ZH: 而且我们最好,是不是假装

EN: I touch a million, throwin hundreds in this bitch
ZH: 我触摸一百万,throwin 这个婊子几百人

EN: [Birdman]
ZH: [捕鸟人]

EN: Real real nigga numba 1, hustle fly with my son
ZH: 真真著 numba 1,喧飞带着我的儿子

EN: I come from uptown, G5 tommy gun
ZH: 我来自小区,G5 冲锋枪子弹

EN: Red flag everyday, hundred mil ready to spray
ZH: 红旗每天几百 mil 准备喷雾

EN: Swagged out nigga, Bugatti with the paper plate
ZH: Swagged 出爱,布加迪的纸盘

EN: Blowin on some good nigga, feelin good nigga
ZH: 对一些好的爱,感觉著飘荡

EN: Stunna island, Me & Khaled on the wood nigga
ZH: Stunna 岛,我科技对木材的爱哈立德

EN: You understand, shinin like I know we should
ZH: 你明白,闪烁我知道我们应该像

EN: Birdman YMCMB we good nigga
ZH: 捕鸟人 YMCMB 我们著

EN: [Ace Hood]
ZH: [Ace 罩]

EN: Ace Hood in this bitch hoe, kickin down in yo front door
ZH: Ace 罩在这婊子锄劲儿倒哟前门

EN: Knock knock, you hear the glock cock and that thing pop on the 4 4
ZH: 敲敲门,你听到格洛克公鸡与那件事上了 4 4 流行

EN: Posted up in that same block, I’m in the drop top with that bank roll
ZH: 张贴在这同一块,我在该银行卷放顶

EN: Young nigga, I’m out chere
ZH: 年轻的家伙,我出去 chere

EN: Can’t name a place I can’t go
ZH: 名称不能不能去的地方

EN: Ridin round with my 50 grand
ZH: 抱著我五十大圆

EN: And they wonder what do that safe hold
ZH: 他们想知道该安全保留做些什么

EN: Middle finga them feds and that’s why I pedge a part of my G code
ZH: 中间 finga 他们的联邦政府,这就是为什么我 pedge 我的 G 代码的一部分

EN: And fuck them prosecutors, hustla count a sewer
ZH: 和他们检察官,hustla 计数下水道的操

EN: It’s we the best forever, amke sure you spread the rumor bitch
ZH: 这是我们的最好永远,确保您散布谣言婊子增强体魄

EN: [Fat Joe]
ZH: [脂肪乔]

EN: Good coke, hard ride stashes in the bodyshop
ZH: 好的可乐,硬坐 stashes 中的夹具

EN: Only way to break them bricks down is karate chops
ZH: 打破他们的砖的唯一方法是空手道排骨

EN: Niggas gettin left right in front of the precinct
ZH: 今夜不向左前方的徒步向右

EN: Leave em like them Jordans, red dot leakin
ZH: 离开像他们一样的 em 帕克,裂缝中滴漏的红点

EN: I’m 15 when I first startin coppin pies
ZH: 我是 15,当我第一次赚钱 coppin 馅饼

EN: You 46 just turnin blood, stop it 5
ZH: 你 46 只雪景血,停止它 5

EN: It’s like the only way to make it is supplyin things
ZH: 这就像使它的唯一方法是态势的东西

EN: Hoop dreams dunkin over cars, let the choir sing
ZH: 箍免车的梦想,让合唱团唱

EN: [Jadakiss]
ZH: [] Jadakiss

EN: They knockin packs off, they lettin gats off
ZH: 他们在敲门包关闭,他们 lettin 服务贸易总协定

EN: Medicate, benefit cards scratch off’s
ZH: 用药、 受益卡从头开始关闭的

EN: Savin every dime, tryna choke a quarter
ZH: 萨温每一分钱,阿隆呛四分之一

EN: And they ain’t sellin crack, they sellin coke & water
ZH: 他们并不是他们叫卖焦炭科技水叫卖裂缝,

EN: Smokin or ya snortin, they coppin all the Jordans
ZH: 斯莫金或雅 snortin,他们 coppin 所有帕克

EN: Nothins more important, steal em if you can’t afford em
ZH: 更重要的是,nothins 偷 em,如果你不能 em

EN: I’m gettin to the money, I need another comma
ZH: 我是不到钱,我需要另一个逗号

EN: Some of em love the drama, more than they love they mama
ZH: Em 的一些喜欢戏剧,超过他们爱他们的妈妈

EN: [Bun B]
ZH: [B] bun

EN: Welcome to the land of the trill, where everybody walkin with they hand on they steel
ZH: 欢迎来到的颤音,凡烦的每个人都与他们手他们钢

EN: And, a model is a supply & demand any will
ZH: 模型是供应科技要求任何遗嘱

EN: You went outta line with the wrong man then get killed
ZH: 你走错了人符合离开,然后被干掉

EN: When ya damned if you will & damned if you won’t
ZH: 当你该死的如果你将科技该死的如果你不会

EN: Lotta dudes sayin that they can but they don’t
ZH: 洛塔兄弟们说他们可以,但他们不

EN: Lotta boys sayin that they g’s and they ain’t
ZH: 洛塔男孩说他们的命令,他们不是

EN: Mess around, get layed down in the paint
ZH: 乱,得到曝晒下在涂料

EN: Better do what you say, and say what you do
ZH: 更好地做你说,说你做什么

EN: For I come around ya hood, broad day with the crew
ZH: 因为我过来雅罩、 船员广泛的日子

EN: They got them fists, AR’s, AK’s and them twos
ZH: 他们拿拳头、 氩气、 AK 和他们三三两两

EN: And they will gladiate all day, what it do
ZH: 他们将 gladiate 全天,它做些什么

EN: R.I.P. to the trillest that did it, to my g’s on lockdown
ZH: 以已故 trillest 以做它,以我对锁定的命令

EN: Stick with it, think I’m a stop reppin PAT, forget it
ZH: 坚持下去,想我站 reppin PAT,忘了它

EN: [Waka Flocka Flame]
ZH: [Waka Flocka 火焰]

EN: Welcome to Clayton county, my house got surrounded
ZH: 我的房子包围了克莱顿县欢迎,

EN: Enemies tryna drown me, but my hood still around me
ZH: 敌人最潇洒淹没我,但我仍然在我的周围罩

EN: Rookie of the year, no freshman cover
ZH: 没有新生盖,年度最佳新秀

EN: Shawty 16 years old, with 4 baby mothas
ZH: Shawty 16 岁的时候,与 4 婴儿 mothas

EN: First rapper ever to jump off the stage on BET
ZH: 永远要赌上跳下了舞台的第一次说唱歌手

EN: And, since Pac go to Hollywood to keep it street
ZH: 与政府帐目委员会自去好莱坞继续街头

EN: First rule to put T watches on the TV
ZH: 第一条规则,在电视上放 T 手表

EN: Everyday it’s a party on Grove street
ZH: 每天都是一方对格罗夫街

EN: [Outro: DJ Khaled - talking]
ZH: [连播: 哈立德 · DJ-浅]

EN: We the best forever, June 28th, it’s gon be a hot summa
ZH: 这是我们最好永远,6 月 28 日,尼泊尔政府是热的总结