DJ Khaled - Future (feat. Ace Hood, Meek Mill, Wale, Vado & Big Sean) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro DJ Khaled] I am the streets, the futureI introduce you to Ace Hood, Meek Mills, Big Sean,...

DJ Khaled - Future (feat. Ace Hood, Meek Mill, Wale, Vado & Big Sean) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro DJ Khaled] I am the streets, the futureI introduce you to Ace Hood, Meek Mills, Big Sean, Wale, VadoThis the futureThey getting money, they making hit recordsThey hustling
ZH: [介绍 DJ Khaled]我在街上,futureI 介绍你 Ace 敞篷,温顺米尔斯、 大肖恩,甘文维 VadoThis 得到的钱,他们使命中的 recordsThey 拉客的 futureThey

EN: [Verse 1 Ace Hood] Okay now Khaled told me kill themHe just told me kill themHundred for the BeamerKudos to the dealerMurder, bet I wrote itKudos to the killersChevy sitting crookedKeep the Reggie MillerI'm a motherfucking beastSee me in your sleepNightmare on any streetSwear I will mark any beatSpread this to the industryLyrics like a chopper pieceBlow right through your fitted TPull this through with chemistryHottest nigga around, they sayingGreatness is my tendencyNo such thing as sympathyMore money, my remedy, pockets on, Heavy DBitch I'm hot, 3rd degree, whip I drive? Owned by meWrists and neck, anti-freeze, can it be?I'm who you dying to beLast of a dying breed, tote the SiameseTwin pistol, shoot nigga like a 7DBig dog, get it? You still on your pedigreeYeah, fly nigga with some stupid swagDead faces, keep my money in a body bagAnd I'm G-U-T-T-A, hop in the whip and I got to get paidFuck them bitches, ain't trying to get laidWalk in my house, you can meet my maidAny given day I'ma push that 'LacPush that Benz on, I'ma push that lakeHop to the whip, no top on mineHear a nigga hate, man fuck them guysReal nigga shit, don't tell no liePrivate plane, my seat recline Top ten charts where I resideCome to your house and run inside
ZH: [第 1 节经文 Ace 罩]好现在哈立德告诉我杀 themHe 只是告诉我杀到 dealerMurder,BeamerKudos,themHundred 打赌我写信给坐在雷吉米氏是他妈的 beastSee 我在你上 sleepNightmare crookedKeep killersChevy itKudos 我将标记任何 beatSpread 任何 streetSwear 这到像直升机 pieceBlow industryLyrics 权利通过您装 TPull 这通过与周围 chemistryHottest 黑鬼他们 sayingGreatness 是我的 tendencyNo sympathyMore 的钱,我的补救办法,这种东西口袋上、 我热重 DBitch,第 3 度,鞭子我开车吗?拥有的 meWrists 和脖子、 反冻结,它可以是吗?我是谁你死到死的 beLast 繁殖,大手提包 SiameseTwin 手枪,射像 7DBig 狗黑鬼,得到它吗?你还在你的 pedigreeYeah 飞黑鬼与一些愚蠢的 swagDead 的面孔,把我的钱我 G-U-T-T-A 中鞭子, 的跃点中身体行礼,我得去找 paidFuck 他那些娘们不想在我的房子得到 laidWalk,你可以满足给予我要推那天我 maidAny ' LacPush 上的奔驰,实话推那 lakeHop 鞭子没有顶上 mineHear 黑鬼恨,男人操他们 guysReal 黑鬼屎,别告诉没有 liePrivate 一架飞机,我的座位上斜倚着顶尖的十个图表哪里我到你家和运行里面的 resideCome

EN: [Verse 2 - Meek Mill] Meek Mill!We the motherfucking bestWord to my mamaRock presidential, got me feeling like ObamaBecause all I wanted was changeAnd my niggas they wanted the sameI wanted the money, and never the fameI turned into something they never becameThrough all that rain, I kept my flameAnd I kept burning and it's my turn andReal nigga my hood confirm itNow it's 6 2s on closed curtainsAnd that Maybach, let me take them way backWhen I was starving, now it's paybackNigga where that cake at?Murder all your artistsAnd I, I, I can feel that love, but I feel that hateWhen I got that slug, I just feel so safeI put it to your mug, it ain't gone waitIt go away when that thing gone flyGot a little kick, but it ain't no tireNiggas try murder, but they ain't gone rideLet me go hard like I ain't going to dieMeek Mill!
ZH: [诗歌 2-温柔磨]温柔磨 !我们最他妈bestWord 到我 mamaRock 总统,让我觉得就像 ObamaBecause 所有我想是变化与撒梅想要钱,和从来没有 fameI,他们想要我的兄弟变成他们从未 becameThrough 所有的雨、 我留着我我继续燃烧的火焰和和它是我轮操控黑鬼我罩确认现在它还能对是 6 2s 关闭 curtainsAnd 的迈巴赫让我带他们饿,现在它的 paybackNigga 哪里的在蛋糕的方式那样卑鄙吗?谋杀你所有的 artistsAnd,我,我能感觉到这种爱,但我觉得 hateWhen 我有子弹,我只是觉得这么 safeI 把它放到你的脸,这不是走了的 waitIt 转走的时候有点踢那东西走了 flyGot,但它不是没有 tireNiggas 尝试谋杀,但他们不是去了 rideLet 我去硬像我不去 dieMeek 磨 !

EN: [Verse 3 - Big Sean] Smoke until I got no lungsGot her going down, no teethI call it "speaking tongues"Do it! Do it!Now you speaking my languageFrom where they twist and talk with they fingersMan, but this ain't no sign languageYes, fresh out of the ashes it's a Detroit fucking classic From where MM got the masses, Trick Trick got them passesBitch I'm from the Motor, MotorYeah, that motor be the fastestBitch, they call it Motor CityBecause you're most likely to crashFuck it! Good thing I got a chauffeur, chauffeurGoing broke? No sir!Bitch I'm a rap game stylist, because I gave the rap game style, bitchBut I over shineAin't no niggas over shineTold them "Roll up five quarters" so I guess we're going overtime Till we dumb high, dumb highWestside, bitch, I run mineI'm rolling around in my old school, I feel like the alumniFucking hoes, no strings attachedSo don't ask me why they strung outI'm like Jordan to you niggasI might need to stick my tongue outShe wiggled and wobble, bobbledThen land on my throttleBitch, I might make you my babyAnd even buy you a bottleYour niggas don't ask how the top feelWhen you keep them right beside youMy pockets got paper on paperThis shit just look like a novelHundred thousand worth of ice on me nowBut it don't feel half as good as Grandma say, and she proud
ZH: [诗歌 3-大肖恩]烟直到我没有 lungsGot 她要下来,没有 teethI 调用它"说方言"去做 !做吧!现在你说他们扭曲,并与他们交谈我王莉 fingersMan,但是这个不是没有登录 languageYes,新鲜灰烬中是他妈的经典从哪里毫米得到了广大的底特律把戏把戏拿到了 passesBitch 我从马达,MotorYeah,电机是 fastestBitch,他们叫它你是最有可能给 crashFuck 电机 CityBecause 它 !我有一个司机的好东西,chauffeurGoing 打破了吗?不,先生!婊子我说唱的游戏设计师,因为我给了 rap 游戏风格,bitchBut 我在 shineAin't shineTold 在没有黑鬼他们"卷起五个季度"看来我们要加班直到我们哑高、 笨 highWestside,贱人,我运行交到在我以前的学校中打滚,感觉像 alumniFucking 锄头,没有字符串 attachedSo 别问我为什么他们串郊外春游就想向你 niggasI 约旦可能需要坚持上下摆动我的舌头家夜店和摆动,我的 throttleBitch bobbledThen 土地,我可能会让你你 bottleYour 黑鬼不问如何你让他们身旁,虽说口袋的顶级 feelWhen 得纸我 babyAnd 甚至买paperThis 大便看起来像冰 novelHundred 万值得我感觉不到一半的 nowBut 一样好奶奶说,和她骄傲

EN: [Verse 4 - Wale] Forever dedicated, made my poetic geniusSome think they close to seeing meTell them they close to Stevie You poser niggas ain't supposed to be hereWe don't believe you Double MG, and we put a wreath on niggas' careerWe the best, KhaledNo need to stress, KhaledKnow there's a lot of artistsBut I got the best paletteMultiple colors, my mind is more productive than othersMurray the winner, he think he really Nelson MandelaThat's fire though, one time for the 305, thoughThat hydro make me tired, yoMy kicking be so Tai Bo!My balance be so tight ropeThat's hard to find, quick try flowGive up with me, that knife flowHold over me, I'm maestro, shitThat white whip sitLike a slight wrist slitSuicide shit, you can by shit, if you write this shitNigga, and right this minute, they say I'm buzzing hardMy driver's out of this world, you playing bumper cars. You niggas under causeYou should be unemployedAll you smoke is Reggie, I'm in the tellie, bunch of noiseWho gone tell me that I ain't going, that I ain't flowing?Young Folarin, you see them putersThat was my influence
ZH: [诗歌 4-甘文维]永远的专用,提出想近距离看到他们他们接近 Stevie 你装腔作势的黑鬼们不应该 hereWe 跟他们都不相信你双毫克,和我们把花环上黑鬼的 careerWe 最好的 KhaledNo 需要强调,我诗 geniusSome KhaledKnow 有很多 artistsBut 的最佳 paletteMultiple 颜色,我的心是比 othersMurray 优胜者更有成效他觉得他真的纳尔逊 MandelaThat 火虽然,305,一次我认为水能让我累了,yoMy 踢是那么泰博 !我的余额是太紧了 ropeThat 硬查找,快速尝试 flowGive 上的和我一起,那把刀 flowHold 在我,我是艺术大师,shitThat 白色鞭子 sitLike 轻微手腕 slitSuicide 屎,您可以通过大便,如果你写这个 shitNigga 和权利这一分钟,他们说我嗡嗡叫出这个世界上,你玩碰碰车 hardMy 驱动程序。你因为你下黑鬼应该是的 unemployedAll 你吸烟是雷吉,我在 tellie,群 noiseWho 去告诉我可不去,我不流动的吗?年轻的 Folarin,你看到他们 putersThat 是我的影响力

EN: [Verse 5 - Vado] The towers fellTurn into Ground ZeroKissing like Reggie Jackson, Nicky Barnes, they hero As I play Rothstein Corleone like Rob De NiroBeen through it, but here thoughDope move in the weirdos Dress pimping the toast like let's winYour house is on West and 4th pipes and Lex winWhile me in a Maserati bricking his best friends When I die, tell them to turn my coffin to stretch BenzRims on it, problems? My man's onSee him, we stomp him outHis mouth, my Timbs' on itOnly smoking a ounce, a mountain, no tens on itSpins on it, you have no cloud, the Benz on it What the fiends say?Few roses, you need spray, on tours, eat straight Making sure all your feet sprayed Get the pills through, peel through SRT-8 Trunk on, seats gray, drop tops like release datesVado
ZH: [诗歌 5-股叛军]到地面 ZeroKissing 像雷吉 · 杰克逊,尼基 · 巴恩斯塔 fellTurn 他们英雄我玩罗斯坦柯像 Rob De NiroBeen,通过它,但在这里 thoughDope 移动中的怪人礼服拉皮条的面包像咱们 winYour 房子是西和第四届管道和 Lex winWhile 在玛莎拉蒂破方钢他最好的朋友,我死的时候我告诉他们把我的棺材要拉伸它 BenzRims问题吗?我的男人 onSee 他,我们跟着他的嘴,我 Timbs 上 itOnly 吸烟每盎司,一座山,在 itSpins 上它没有数万践踏他,你有没有云,在它上奔驰地狱说什么吗?几个玫瑰,你需要喷雾,旅游,吃直使你的脚喷拿药通过确保所有,通过 SRT 8 的树干,席位灰色,拖放顶像释放 datesVado 剥皮