DJ Khaled - Brown Paper Bag lyrics

[DJ Khaled]
DJ Khaled, we the best, nigga we the best man

[Young Jeezy]
Just got a hundered of that brown paper bag money
you niggas really wanna talk money?
shit real, thats all i could tell em
just rap em up good so the dogs can't smell em cmon

Brown paper bag (thank god for that) Brown paper bag

thank god for those days, thank god for thoese nights
though it might seem wrong thank god for that white
they use to call me the pyrex kid, aka young arm 'n' hammer
in the kitchen with the pots yeah work the glass
hard on em pimp yeah i work the task
and when they came in we unpacked em all
broke em all down and unrapped em all
just two words nigga duffelbags i just know it so well
i cant help but brag, old man got 10 middle man got 3
and just yo luck the rap game got me hold up

[Juelz Santana]
Here we go again just spent a hundred of that brown paper
bag money all on timbs, and that bad bitch is all on him
cuz the cars that he drives are all foreign
the game is mine im so far in, i'm speakin with an accent
jus cartwin, cant even relax in my room,
that brown paper bag money push my matress threw the roof
this for my niggas getitn brown paper bag money
this for my strippers gettin black plastic bag money
we talkin' bout that bad money, that I.R.S can't tax money, ya dig me

[Rick Ross]
Just made a hundred of that brown paper bag money
i thank god for the meal he prepared for me
taking my fam and my lil dog money
thank god for that brown paper bag that

brown paper bag,
(thank god for that) boss
brown paper bag(cmon)
brown paper bag, boss
(thank god for that)brown paper bag(we the best)
the movement

Just pulled over in my cm5
big bottle on the dash, hope he let me slide
got 20 in the trunk, u can bet me 5
20 minutes in they dump, imma let these slide
We the best
look at what we drive, got picnic tables on my lap gettin high
in the bac of that maybac and it cost five hundred thou
and a nigga, spent that wit a smile
stackin numbers that alarm and race
white house still hoover ricki ross a day
im that bin ladin boi ill bomb the state
I aint come to stay I gotta post bond today
2 million in the bag, I aint wanna brag
u dont kno the feelin wen the villain peelin in the jag
jus starin at the ceilin 10 women that u had
i was at the center now i see u feelin jus a fact ima boss

[Lil' Wayne]
Just spent a 100 of that brown paper bag money
it feel good to b yung money cash money
rehab im addicted to fast money
i got stacks n rubberbands up in that

brown paper bag
(ya dig) brown paper bag
(my name is weezy yall) Im here on behalf of umm young money cashmoney
I represent the 17th ward new orleans
brown paper bag brown paper bag(lets go)

practice makes perfect im relaxin at rehersal
imma muthaf**kin professional like hershal
Walker, tha talk of the game is I, but I wonder if they will still b talkin after I die
but that's not important
money's more important
and understand i been in that water like i was snorklin
understand i been in that water lika imma dolphin
miami khaled took me in like a orphan
y did they started him,
now they cant park him
I go into the booth and jus change like clark kent
lamborghini dark tint
philly blunt cigar scent
im by myself and niggas run they mouths like auctions
t streetz my brotha
fefe's my brotha
and we stay on point like a f**kin box cutter
u heard wat i said muthf**ka did i studder
wit my brown paper bag, here to represent the hustle im out

[Fat Joe]
coka baby man u kno i already had money
definition of that brown paper bag money
try n front as if u in the jag money
for tha cash ill blast anybody that

brown paper bag(dat dat dat dat)
brown paper bag(thank god for that)
brown paper bag(coka baby cribs mania)brown paper bagthe very best)

yall niggas want coka music
the costra nostra flow show u how to do this
pen it so easy, a caveman can do it
nigga we simply the best dont confuse it
i confuse it, critics b hatin
best album yet but give me the same ratin
im waitin top of rap rushmore
etched in stone ?top puns war
unsure anythings possible
4mil spent bought out the art possible,
im picasso in the versace suit,
dont worry my nigga khaled i got u,
not jus cuz i want to cuz i got to, put the squad on ya
back did the impossible
its only logical i spit from the heart,
brown paper bag who else for joe 2 guard that
brown paper bag brown paper bag