DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win (Remix) (feat. Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Swizz Beatz & T-Pain) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [T-Pain - Chorus] (Swiss Beatz)
, All I Do is win win win no matter what
, got money on mind I can...

DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win (Remix) (feat. Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Swizz Beatz & T-Pain) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [T-Pain - Chorus] (Swiss Beatz)
ZH: [T 的痛苦--合唱](瑞士 Beatz)

EN: All I Do is win win win no matter what
ZH: 我做的只是无论怎样赢

EN: got money on mind I can never get enough
ZH: 钱不能足够的心事

EN: whenever me and Khaled do the remix
ZH: 每当我和哈立德 · 做混音

EN: everybody hands go up
ZH: 每个人都举起手来转到

EN: (ey, showtime)
ZH: (ey,showtime)

EN: and they stay there
ZH: 和他们留在那里

EN: and they say yeah
ZH: 和他们说是

EN: and they stay there
ZH: 和他们留在那里

EN: Up down, up down
ZH: 最多最多失望了

EN: cause all I do is win win win
ZH: 所有我做的原因是赢

EN: and if you goin’ in put your hands in the air make em stay there…
ZH: 而如果你要去把你的手在空中让 em 呆在那里......

EN: [DJ Khaled]
ZH: [DJ] Khaled

EN: Sittin’ on the top floor
ZH: 坐在顶层

EN: what you think I’m hot for
ZH: 你认为我是热的

EN: every summer drop more
ZH: 每年夏天放更多

EN: hits to make my stock go (up)
ZH: 点击,使我的股票走 (向上)

EN: them hands go (up)
ZH: 他们的手去 (向上)

EN: them fans go (up)
ZH: 他们的粉丝去 (向上)

EN: another one in this bitch and I’ma (stay there)
ZH: 另一个在这个婊子和实话 (那里住宿)

EN: we the best of the best
ZH: 我们最好的

EN: while you haters asleep
ZH: 虽然你讨厌睡着了

EN: I’m yelling free weezy
ZH: 大吼大叫免费 weezy

EN: I rep the heart of the streets
ZH: 我代表街道的心

EN: who hotter than me (Khaled)
ZH: 谁比我 (Khaled) 热

EN: I’m wearing the crown (we can’t stop, won’t stop)
ZH: 我戴冠 (我们不能停止,不会停止)

EN: go hate on me now
ZH: 现在我去恨

EN: [Rick Ross]
ZH: [里克 · 罗斯]

EN: I can never get enough when it comes to gettin’ (?)
ZH: 绝不能不够当获得 ' (?)

EN: n-ggas aint ready for my Ferrari Scudliegi
ZH: n-藤黄总酸不是准备好我的法拉利 Scudliegi

EN: Mario Andretti, money coming fast
ZH: 安杰,钱快

EN: my honeycomb hideout is made of all glass
ZH: 我的蜂窝藏身之处是玻璃做的所有

EN: I can never be a racist
ZH: 我也不能是种族主义者

EN: wake up every morning just to count white faces
ZH: 每天早上醒来只是为了计数白脸

EN: Neo in the matrix, glorious as Morpheus
ZH: 新矩阵中的辉煌的墨菲斯

EN: employed all warriors I mean as a scorpion
ZH: 作为一只蝎子雇用所有的战士,我的意思是

EN: Dr Kavorkian
ZH: 博士 Kavorkian

EN: [Busta Rhymes]
ZH: [伍佰]

EN: Yo, everytime I come we got another n-gga come and get a lot of money
ZH: 哟,我每次来到我们还有另一个 n gga 来得到一大笔钱

EN: when I’m in the building and I promise there aint no mothaf-cker better better better
ZH: 当我在大厦和我保证那里冒失没有 mothaf 薄更好更好更好

EN: ah ha, ok
ZH: 啊哈,好的

EN: n-ggas know I got it when I hit ya with the pidda padder
ZH: n-藤黄总酸知道我得到它时我用 pidda 轧车打震遐

EN: everybody see me then you hear a lot of chitter chatter
ZH: 大家都看我,然后你会听到喋喋不休的争论喋喋不休

EN: n-ggas know there aint nobody badder badder badder
ZH: n-藤黄总酸就会知道那里冒失没有像现在这样糟糕的人会像现在这样糟糕像现在这样糟糕

EN: I watch a lot of n-ggas when I’m in the cut, so sick
ZH: 我看过不少的 n-藤黄总酸切,所以生病的时候

EN: when I come hit em in the gut
ZH: 我什么时候来在肠道中的命中的 em

EN: you will crown me king (no matter what)
ZH: 你将冠我国王 (不管什么)

EN: ok lets shine my friend
ZH: 好,让照耀我的朋友

EN: get up on my grind again, some n-ggas should be happy that I chose to rhyme with them, cause…
ZH: 爬上再我研磨,一些 n-藤黄总酸应该是快乐我选择了跟他们押韵,导致...

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Diddy]
ZH: [老爹]

EN: Hey turn me up man, I want them to hear me
ZH: 嘿把我的男人,我想让他们听我

EN: ayo check this out,
ZH: 青年检查这一点,

EN: my heart racing like I snort cocaine
ZH: 我的心赛车像吸了可卡因

EN: I got a billion reasons you should know my whole name
ZH: 我有 10 亿个理由你应该知道我整个的名称

EN: got the most paper, Mr New York times
ZH: 有最纸,先生纽约时代周刊

EN: I’m a natural born winner Mr New York’s mine
ZH: 我是自然天生的赢家先生纽约的地雷

EN: everybody getting money but I cop the first 6
ZH: 每个人都拿钱但我 cop 第 6

EN: now I run the game so I toss the first pitch
ZH: 现在我运行游戏,所以我把第一次投球

EN: yeah I let you wife her but she still my first b-tch
ZH: 是的我让你的妻子,她,但她还是我第一次 b-tch

EN: less than 9 digits n-gga that ain’t f-cking rich muthaf-cker
ZH: 不超过 9 位数 n-gga 不是 f-华君富世上薄

EN: [Nicki Minaj]
ZH: [Nicki] Minaj

EN: yo, all I do is win aint that the reason that you really mad
ZH: 哟,我做的只是赢不是这原因,你真的很生气

EN: undisputed hailing all the way from Trinidad
ZH: 一路从特立尼达无可争议海陵

EN: I aint mad Ma, I see you with your bummy swag
ZH: 我不是疯马,看到你与你 bummy 赃物

EN: I’m in that money green swag lot of money bags,
ZH: 我的钱袋子,那钱绿色礼品很多

EN: I told Khaled that you the best but I’m the bestest
ZH: 我告诉哈立德,你最好的但我是最好的

EN: better run for cover if your name is on my checklist
ZH: 如果你的名字是我的清单上更好地运行为封面

EN: you can talk slick all the way down to the welfare
ZH: 你可以说话油滑一路到福利

EN: as the IRS b-tch I’m paying for your healthcare
ZH: 作为美国国税局 b tch 来付那您的医疗保健

EN: [Fabolous]
ZH: [] Fabolous

EN: Look I’ma make this here official
ZH: 听着我要定这这里官员

EN: let me clear some issues
ZH: 我要明确的几个问题

EN: first off I am not for Britney Spears initials
ZH: 首先关闭我不为小甜甜布兰妮的姓名缩写

EN: thats no BS at your request
ZH: 这就是您的请求没有 BS

EN: lean back you and your crew Fat Joe TS
ZH: 向后靠你和你的船员脂肪乔 TS

EN: yeah it’s young funeral
ZH: 是的它是年轻的葬礼

EN: hard black on me
ZH: 我硬黑

EN: so act like summers over and fall back homie
ZH: 所以像夏天结束、 跌回兄弟

EN: winning is all I do, I’ll answer all of you
ZH: 赢得是做的我会回答你的所有

EN: but y’all aint saying sh-t like prank callers do
ZH: 但你们不是说 sh-t 恶作剧一样

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Jadakiss]
ZH: [] Jadakiss

EN: yo, it’s already proven I go them birds moving
ZH: 哟,它已经证明我去他们鸟移动

EN: all I do is win I’m allergic to losing
ZH: 我做的只是我对过敏的赢输

EN: yeah, yellow gold cuban, 9 mill (?)
ZH: 是的黄色的金古巴,9 轧机 (?)

EN: I show you what to do with em
ZH: 我给你看怎么办 em

EN: finish em, I’m through with them
ZH: 完成 em,我和他们一起通过

EN: they gon have to jump me, this gon take a few of them
ZH: 他们尼泊尔政府要跳我,此尼泊尔政府采取了一些,

EN: they don’t want no problems
ZH: 他们不想没有问题

EN: they might end up sueing them
ZH: 他们可能最终药检他们

EN: disassociate yourself have nothing to do with them
ZH: 解除关联,自己与他们无关

EN: we already got a (?) we tryna get two of them
ZH: 我们已经有 (?) 我们最潇洒把其中两个

EN: [Fat Joe]
ZH: [胖子乔]

EN: Just blew trial, crack lots is little Italy
ZH: 只是吹了审判,裂缝有很多是小意大利

EN: your wife she a screamer yelling slow down Joe you killing me
ZH: 你的妻子她尖叫大喊慢下来乔你杀了我

EN: beat her like a prize fight mommy I’m a rude boy
ZH: 打败她像个奖的斗争妈妈我是一个粗鲁的男孩

EN: you just hit the powerball
ZH: 你只是打威力球

EN: everyday a new toy, n-gga it’s a stick up
ZH: 每天一个新玩具,n gga 它是一根棍子

EN: a muthaf-cking robbery
ZH: 世上华君抢劫

EN: (?) that have Haitian Jack proud of me
ZH: (?)那有海地杰克为我骄傲

EN: riding through Harlem me and Jeezy pardon me
ZH: 我和 Jeezy 骑马经过哈林原谅我

EN: Puffy surfin on the hood for n-ggas that keep doubting me
ZH: 浮肿藤黄总 n-酸,一直怀疑我的引擎盖上功能

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [End]
ZH: [完]