DJ Kay Slay - 60 Second Assassins (feat. Busta Rhymes)

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DJ Kay Slay - 60 Second Assassins (feat. Busta Rhymes) lyrics

Busta Rhymes
When i come and i hop and a skip and i rhyme and im dumb and im drop and a spit and i shine eyeyeyey, Nigga whatcu really wanna do
Even though that i come and take whats mine,
Everytime i come i hit u with a little bit killa but i know that u can never never see me little nigga while im at the top, i will never stop, for the nigga pop, see the way i runnin, and leave a nigga better, honoh when i do my thang and i bang, better boom whit the bomb and tha bing, everybody know that when they comes, they should gotta split muthafucka better krimy king, With the passion and alot of action see where they grab em, (how u do it), now they wanna ask em, how a nigga smash em, see the with they have em, (Smack em to it). heyheyheyhey,
now they gotta know what a nigga do all day, count bread, makin nigga wanna bounce head, drug the drop, heat in this streets ok, u shouldnt really getchu gimmik and i hope alot of niggas leavin their clinic, aint no really where they wud u wanna axe about me, cuz i be the fearsest with it, while im givin u the final chapter, with lotta laughter, see them where they catch em, everybody probly telling the same shit u dont really wanna come after, now i suggest u listen whenever u hear that the beat up in the building, trust me this is not the place for u to bring your children