DJ Boozywoozy - Raise Ya Hands Up (Uh Oh) (2003)

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DJ Boozywoozy - Raise Ya Hands Up (Uh Oh) lyrics

Uh uh uh oh uh uh uh oh

Raise ya hands up
Put ya hands up

I want U 2 put ya hands up shake ya butt
and your double D cup no matter if U r fat
or lean move ya cunt if U know what I mean
get on da dancefloor U know what it's made for
so move your ass 2 a beat so hardcore
booze know what I'm talkin' about I will rap
your skin your limbs inside out
I am the master in this trade movin' on da beat
rhymes r carrying weight Boozy kick it 2 ya like
a soccer playa after his jams your ears will be sprayin'
blood that's what he tries 2 achieve he mixes upfront
sometimes sneaky like a thief and on the microphone I will
never leave it alone so come on Joyz gimme that uh oh

Unarmed and dangerous that's right that's what I am
I'm from da white race but I don't give a damn
about the color of your skin about your culture or your race
I'm here 2 unite keep bass in da right pace
so U know that I am on the flow black and white unite
watch out more my bass blow it's hard and thumpin'
it's like bombin' your ears to ruins my message keeps zooming
in and your soul until I reach my goal comin' to U reckless
not on the ease pimps seize fire don't try 2 touch these
Gucci Cavalli Chanel and Giorgio business as usual bitches
and ho's ole chica here we go gimme that uh oh

One two three 2 da fo' bustin' the beats from end to intro
kingpin playa big pimpin' in M3 top notch convertible 190
miles an hour 340 horse power klubbhopping 'till the
morning hour this old school rap makes the ladies cream
while hustlers and gangstas play the pimp routine
uh oh no not that where the chorus at?