DJ Bobo - The Voice Of Freedom lyrics

Don't turn around, stand up and feel the flow
It's time to get your inhibition go
People from North and South and East and West
Let's come together now and give your best

You can see it in the light
All around the world
You can feel it every night
I hear tomorrow calling

Morio orio
Ola djou monké n'lo
Ola djou monké
Ola djou monké n'lo

Feel the voice of freedom
Just feel the magic everywhere
Feel it in your heart

It's very easy, come and take my hand
You may say "no" but we say "yes we can"
The stars above know what the future holds
Come share your love and let your feelings show

Can you feel it in your heart
Feel it in your soul
There is something going on
I hear tomorrow calling