DCT - Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Memories Frozen In Time (OC Remix) lyrics

Yo! Ladies... Gentlemen...
Boy... Girls...
Put your hands together
For Just Us... Lets go!

Ever since I was a little kid
I used to tell my Uncle
I want to be in this music biz
I used to diss my school for this
I told my uncle I'm 'a make it
and buy momma a newer crib
Have her drive the newest wheels
lookin fly as she cruise the strips of vegas
Let her pump my songs as loud as music gets
She can't even hear herself thinking
Not even with new Qtips Its ludicrous
Sittin ma grandmomma's house and I reminisce
On how fun it was having dreams
Back when I was just a kid
And just to kid around
We used to battle at lunch in the park
Me and my nigga's say flow
Easily rip nigga's apart
And now its not a game
I sacrificed a lot of things
plus my girlfriend and my momma
but look I will not complain
I keep my head above the clouds
sort of like when I ride a plane
and I maintain my focus
I'm looking out for a brighter day
Hopefully God will save me
Guide me to a brighter path
Cause lately I've been in my room
Crying more than I can laugh
If I could having anything I wanted
It would be success
Any real relief from all this stress
and grandmomma told me I'm been blessed
And there's people that's steadily praying for me
They must not be believers
Cause their praying aint paying homey
I'm feeling so damn lonely
Hopefully a UFO will come and just land on me
But God's got a plan for me
So I just foot it work
and I look at my foot it hurts
From trying to stick it in that door
and they close it thats when it hurts
It could be worse I could be cursed luckily though I could rehearse my
last and not know next time exactly how hard I shoulda worked
Its scary now cause people don't understand me
I'm even skeptical of my family because they talk about me
Way more and way worse than most of my enemies would talk about me
And they encourage me though they doubt me
But I ain't poutin' Maybe weep and I feel weak in my knees
But I keep on keepin on and writing these songs until I'm gone