D'espairsRay - Facism lyrics

Sharpen a long knife against the sidewalk
Stab a knife into XXXX bodies.
The blood must flow with thier heartbeat.
Shit on the XXXX republics.
If the day of retribution comes we're ready for the massacre.

Hang black pigs on the XXX places of worship.
Throw a hand grenade into the Capitol.
Blood must flow.
Drag the mistresses from the beds of the leaders.
Wet the guillotine with the fat of XXXX.
Blood must flow.

Notes: This is a translation of what is written in the -TERRORS- lyric book, but if you listen to the song itself, it seems pretty clear that this is not what Hizumi is singing. Also, in the lyrics book there is a note, translated above, saying it is a quote from The Cross and the Swastika (which can alternately be translated Cross and Swastika). However, I found this article which quotes lyrics that are nearly identical. I'm guessing a common source of some Nazi propaganda or speech