D.b.s. - No Room lyrics

You said you gotta win the fight, but there's no fight to win..arghh. this ain't no competition, before you wage war, better know yr enemies. cuz there's no winners to any war, so let's strive for unity. everyone's against the misfit, against the kid who doesn't fit, that the way you know you've won, no worries when it's 12 on 1. aint no room in this small small world for you and yr hate. you say you gotta win the fight, what a fucking joke. yr a no-brain steroid freek, with no hope! today's the day we stand up tall, today's the day we dominate. yesterday's been put in the past, and tomorrow's too fuckin late! we'll raise our voice this time, we'll yell it loud: we'll tell you to fuck off, and we'll say it fucking proud