D-Pryde - Rack City (2012)

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D-Pryde - Rack City lyrics

Eep ..Deep deep ..Trick
Maybe slimes nigga courters maybe 50 cent
Broke raper what you think i’m making millions
Got your favourtie .. Tryin to ..
Money is a subject my ..
Which means that i’m a diva that .. Not a public
This others .. Must swag this interuption
If you wya in this direction but my mother ..
Boy i’m buzzin b i’m really ..
So they ..Like subject ah
And i’ll be on her head like an essence
Girl yuo funky with the legend
Girl you funky with the ..
Time less, oh my god i’m timeless
My money and my .. But you can bet my freakin time
You were high get the ..Son
Me i don’t care about your ..
Sense ..Money on my .. Get a fame bas buddy
So you got to drive
You were crashed as dummy
Bad with these rapers even on my schedule
My calendar is .. Liek is ..
Yeah asian girl blond hair
Fear father homie watch her who you ..
I might be drop but my .. Counter
The hater ..Pay the ..Monthly
But i get it like a … ’cause i’m hungry
Haters for you all the music i’m creating
All i really gotta say is okay
Like a bug we ..Think these rapers
I .. Swag ..Got a small play
But i cut deep asian girl got some crazy ies
Collect shinly
I seat that girl ..
Omg swaggin she had me ..
She told me that she lvoe my ..
Stop talking my ..
My name is deep .. Deep deep ..