D.O.R.K. - Another Day lyrics

All by myself in a crowded room
The faces seem far away
Nowhere to hide but I can't confide
I wish I didn't have to stay

The clouds are building
The rain will come soon
It's time to duck and run
Nobody cares, they just stand and stare
Waiting to see the sun
... But I know

I'll be all right, I'll be OK
Just gotta wait for Another Day
No need to run far away
'Cause tomorrow is Another Day

Trying to pretend that things are fine
Everyone seems to believe
Nowhere to go, time moves so slow
When will it be time to leave

I need to suppress these thoughts of mine
It's harder than it looks
Finding my way to a better day
I'll let myself off the hook
...'Cause I know


Another Day, Another Day