D.I.E.S. - The Me Just Comes Apart lyrics

My brains are all used up
They go pale and turn to dust
All the walls that I put up
Are falling down around us
Every thing that I believe
Is washing up on sun-bleached bones
How do I find my legs underneath me?
How do I make my way home?

My time is running out
So when you take me
The lies come running now
So take and break me
My head it splits in two
Tear out the dark parts
Make most of me just you
The me just comes apart

The voice of birds inside my skull
Needling me in awful bursts
The beaks go through and finally breach the hull
The wind comes in so thin and cold it hurts
And I can see the other side
Something bigger than I knew
The voice comes in much clearer now
Less of me, more of you