D. Gookin - So Down lyrics

Whenever you come my way I always fall apart
It took so long to extract these signs hidden in the dark
Reeling, I’m feeling like a light bulb falling from the sky
I need a way to realign
The pressure of the climb
To bathe in the light
Don't look down, never look back again

The sun is hidden from me but I can feel its warmth
They raised the draw bridge, cut me off from the green that's so far out
Breathing, the skin is peeled away exposing moving parts
On the way to the luminescent tower
Feed off the empowered
Choking on the vine
Don't look down or behind
Together we’ll lie
Imprisoned in the lie
You can never look down
On the well that's run dry

I'm so down
I won't look down

Everything you are is built up from the start
It's time to let go