D-A-D - Wonderful lyrics

Born grown-up
This is kids stuff
Yeah the difference is unteachable
It's stupid
I've been through it
But the powers are unbeatable

Nothing I've seen will be
Stay in obscurity
Don't trouble your worried mind
Leave it behind it's waste of time

I'm so involved in it, I can't give up my stride
Today the world is just a setting for my life
Yeah today I'd be so grateful to be right and wonderful

Who's listening
I'm wishing
But my whispers are unhearable
I'd leave now
If I knew how
But hesitation is untreatable

Enough to tear you apart
The weakness is a like a spark
Maybe it's not getting through
Maybe it wont when I want it to

It's my turn to be right...
And wonderful....
It's my turn to be loved
And wonderful
It's my turn to be right
Yeah wonderful

In my window
Moving so slow
I've lost a part of me that I can't find