D-A-D - Nightstalker lyrics

I begin again
Wipe the tears off my hands
And I smile like a doomed man
I trained head and my heart
But not my eyes - it's too dark
There's a hole where hope used to be
Yeah hurt me 'till I cry
Kill me - I'll never ask why
Turn reality into a lie
A high romantic idea
Of doomed love
You win - I'm gone

It's better to have a red face once
Than forever yellow
'bout what's undone
Left with burned out eyes
And bigger lies

There's a crack and the light is new
You're taking away that too
A crack and the light is new...

Like a questionmark
On a bench in a park
The dream is broken
A heart is knocked out
Everything's turned bad
Wanna call and take it all back
The door to the future
Where is it at...
Moving silent and slow
And peacefully grow
Try to smile like I'm happy and proud
You've got your coat on
You're leaving
Light is gone
So long....