Cypress Hill - Steel Magnolia (Cypress Hill IV Album) (1998)

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Cypress Hill - Steel Magnolia (Cypress Hill IV Album) lyrics

[Barron Ricks]
"Yeah, once again, (that's right)
We about to attack this
(Harlem Inc, Murder Inc) Yeah
(Nicky Bond)
Jimmy Cagney type shit, Nicky Santoro
All my little short niggas
Joe Pesci and all that shit like this yo"

Filling out the cards to your eulogy
Murder that ass, send my regards to your family, fuck it
That's what niggas get for fucking with this maniac depressive nigga
with aggression, Smith and Wesson, in his possession
Harlem got me like that, too many grimy, slimy niggaz on the take
For short cake, we won't hesitate
I miss inhabitants who politic in residence for presidents
Across 110th, to 55th
My covenant is protected, I'm doministic
Survival principles my ethics, eastern philosophy's my method
Good Samaritans need paremedics, so what's your premise
I hope you fucking with Glocks and fo' fifths
Wrath's Napolean, so teach your origin, slash wrists
Shatter chins, and bust clips
Check it, "here is something you can't understand"
Steel Magnolia

I got the steel magnum, bragging, leaving my toe tagged
As I get ragga muffin, no bluffing, the body bagged
Breaks all your bad habits, bad blood fanatics
Clean up the magic, chrome startin up static
Greed means that you die quick, click the vision
Greed lies anmbition, five slugs for the mission
Seven cause you go to the heaven or hell and dwell
to meet your maker, but you met the shotgun shell
Buckshots sting like bees, I smoke trees
on the hilltops, clubshops and chilling overseas
Take in the breeze, Mr. Freeze squeeze the trigger
Killa G's got you week in the knees, to take it ea-sy!

[Barron Ricks]
Steel Magnolia
Magnificent guns bust when 'Uzi Weighs a Ton'
And yo' Glock spits, consecutive rounds shot from clips
spells murder, sound synonymous to burner
Leave niggas ass up, gasping for air, front seats of truck
So who the fuck want me to press on they luck, bastard they son
When gats start to hum and whole crowds begin to run
Annihilation, destroying all expectations
Have relatives embrace your Harlem hospital, we all patient
5 foot 6, concealed steel, pop more grip
With fixed sights that drifted to right, triggers light
So relinquish son, I'm to the finish, and you acknowledge
Couldn't pop a clutch or light a skyrocket, nigga stop it!
Steel Magnolia

Steel Magnolia, bury ya, six niggas carry ya
To your final rest area
What you worried though, you ain't above that with a slug
And your chest beats, blowing out your back, take it easy
To your eulogy, open heart surgery
Emergency, 911, come in a hurry
From the Hills to the Polo realms, stacking the bills
I put you under my lo-lo, hit my switch, then kill
A bitch nigga stepping on my toes, fuck foes and hoes
Get stuck in the ass like Pete Rose
I suppose you want to get wild and throw blows, you chose
to get you nose your broke, in a thick cloud of smoke
You're like a fat joint, I'm taking a toke, I'm like coke
But you ain't smiling, feeling erratic, a fucking addict
To the dope shit, you better hope the shit stop
Smooth, holding the Glock, rocking the hot shit

[Barron Ricks]
Steel Magnolia
Steel Magnolia
Steel Magnolia
Steel Magnolia