Cypress Hill - Feature Presentation (Cypress Hill IV Album) (1998)

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Cypress Hill - Feature Presentation (Cypress Hill IV Album) lyrics

My flow's most beneficent, most merciful, outrageous
For wages, vibrate niggaz heads like pagers
Too hard to handle son, we animals, biohazardous
Ghetto evangelist, lyric distortions, abortions

Of fortune shit, shittin' on your ASR-10 sequence
Fuckin' up the disc
These be the words blow niggaz acoustic nerves
When I swerve Im bustin' adjectives and verbs at curves

Hear the thunder then I melt the frozen Tundra, sank Titanics
Crack solid granite, initiate global panic
Harlem got me branded, rhythms jingle like bricks
These niggaz face it or face off, give up or break north

My lines petrify your minds third eye, when Im high
I pull the trey in your insides, I strike blindside
Rip inside, my syllables simmer for every criminal
In prison whose an individual lose that struggle

My stories burst niggaz bubbles, make new niggaz mumble
Ready to shed blood up in the jungles
Aiyyo, we livin' it, magnficent
Cypress, worldwide

We gladly pesent to you, step back
We gladly pesent to you, step back
'Cause I take up the house

I take the microphone cord, use it as a rope
To hang all the weak rappers for leavin' the bullshit they wrote
Counterfeit fools all in the pot, let 'em boil
When we go platinum they go, aluminum foil

The worldwide clicks and the parties with no parties
'Cause niggazll get you quickly like the skin off a blunt
When they get burned and smoked, put out and used up
Niggaz dont know how to act when they lit the fuse up

Abuse them up, usin' the nut, Im usin' buck
Fearin' of the shit, thats covered the script, deliver cuts
Cypress Hill, soul asassins, all up in the club
Showin' love to everyone of you real niggaz

'Cause the hip-hops pumpin' through the blood in my veins
Like a junkie, fuckin' with ron and cocaine
Slay you both down, better hold down or get clowned
By the world renowned, Cypress compound

We gladly pesent to you
We gladly pesent to you

Heavy artillery rap niggaz attack from both sides
Of the map, leave you flat on your back, my thoughts dwell
In the dark black abyss, chase infinite kicks
Rhymes over rhythm and spit hot flame from his lips

I represent, the cream of the earth, bless his birth
My order in the elements in the universe
My mental enter your physical frame, penetrate
Like pushin' your face straight through a window pane

With twenty bars, Im Sinister God, administer pain
To your paragraph it aint hard, see I studied the life-science
For years in this, doin songs with my indigineous
Peers and shit, hit you with the omnipotent gland

The benficient stare, write a rhyme to shine light
In your ear, dont make a move thatll end your career
Stand clear, I stand firm on solid ground
Pump blood sweat and tears, verbal architect, engineer

Shiftin' your ear, to Cypress Hill, you wack niggaz
Caps is peeled, the scientific soul asassin'
We dominate tracks and thrash in the front lines
Soldier ready for action, rapid fire rappin'

We gladly pesent to you
We gladly pesent to you
We gladly pesent to you
We gladly pesent to you