Cynthia Hopkins - Gone As Though They Had Not Been lyrics

Gone as though they never had been
The years passed in a flash
What were their voices
Are now wind through the pines
I had stood in the falling rain hoping I would attain some kind of wisdom
I had an eye on the one above who might shower on me some kind of explanation
But now I see that it's here, this wisdom:
On my pillow, in my hands, right in front of me

I turn around the years have passed
As though they were a dream
All my glories have turned to ashes
That scatter in the breeze
I had thought that the day would dawn, I thought that night would fall all over me
I had thought that it all would be something that I could keep, like a trophy
But now I see that it's here, that it's now
It's a gift, and it's wonderful: a wondrous mystery

So what is gone let's not regret
Let's long for what is here
They say you were a beautiful dancer
When you were a child
I would like to have known you then, when your eyes were just opening
To the wonders of this world
When you were without pride or fear, when you were like a lamb my dear, somewhat empty
But now I see that regret is a myth
Don't forget, it's a gift: a wondrous mystery