Cyanotic - Drek Kick lyrics

Everyday is war
The struggle of our lives
The state of mass decline
We fight for our own kind
Working against the grain
Fighting the pain again
Alleviate the senses
Shutting down all my defenses
To gain
To lose
To fall
To bruise
Stumbling before I fall
Learn to run before I crawl
This is our own form of empowerment
A way to keep our sanity intact

This is a stance
A struggle to enhance
The brand we make
The noise that we create

Drek kick - strain for levity
Drek kick - maintain some sanity
Drek kick - preserve integrity
Drek kick - accept finality
Drek kick - full force brutality
Drek kick - void of banality
Drek kick - this is totality
Drek kick - indulgence all consuming

Won't take us down (x4)

This is our plight
The struggle for our lives
The meaning to an end
Over and over again

I'm fucking tired of the expectations, commercializations, qualifications
The petty culture of this fucking nation
Categories that none of us fit in
Virtual fiction, social construction, perpetual wars so rich fuckers can grow
Another dollar, what for?
More and more
Tired of the pressure to censor, to package this wreckage,
to sell a few records, to put myself out there like a fucking court jester
To pander, to slander, my resentment festers