Cutting Edge - Without You lyrics

Without you in my life, my love
My life will not be quite complete
Without you in my arms, my love
My heart will only now defeat,

I'll be like the sun without the heat
I'll be like the dance without a beat
I'll be like a knight without his sword
I'll be like a book without the words

Without you in my life my love
Life will not be worth living for Without you in my life, my love
The passion in my soul's no more

I am the farmer, you are the field
I am the armor, you are the shield
I am the land, you are the sea
I am the lock, you are the key

Without you, I'll be all alone
Without you, all my hopes are gone
No one else can take your place
I'll forever dread the lonely days

I'll be like thunder without a sound
I'll be like a sentence without a noun
I'll be like grief without the sorrow
I'll be today, with no tomorrow