Cut City - Mammoth lyrics

I replaced all the windmills

The certain gestures that hurt

Realized that hope returns as rivalry

Could these arrested thoughts

Entertain the days

When hate's the grace of passion

We fashion failures now

There's no virtue so vulgar

Applauded and embraced

When finding common ground

As we act upon innocense

Every loss and mistake

That I try to retrace

Is obscured and distorted

Fallen out of place

But where's the light

That defined our lives

It's the acts of children that we

Can count as our own

I accepted it all

Yes I accepted it all

The points made out so lightly

End up everywhere

Oh the dreams they confess

Just what I need to hear

So I sleep to forget

I regret the windmills now

But there's no light

That defines our lives

It's the acts of children that we

Refuse to disown